Kevin Jonas isn’t the only one with his own day!

Today’s the day to be Fearless and show your Swift Pride! #TaylorSwiftDay

  • emma13

    lol okay. but anyways i love her. cant wait for her new album to come out and her new video.

  • PurdyAmberSixx

    This is stupid… why should she get her own day….

  • Ashe Cyrus Jonas

    Nick & Miley also have a Day…

    Nick: March 11th
    Miley: March 24th

  • Ashe Cyrus Jonas

    I also know Ashley have one, but I don’t remember the date..

  • Anonymous

    u know what? tomorrow is Tessa Skylar day. there i have my one day :) go and claim yours

  • life without you

    lol OU is running out of ideas. :D

  • Anonymous


  • life without you

    and your better without your ego :)

    p.s i’m bored, that’s why i’m answering stupid anon’s :D

  • TSLove

    Why should Kevin get his own day but not Taylor?I think Taylor Swift day should be april 23rd :)

  • EvaSnow

    So even on his own day Kevin gets outshined by somebody else. Wasn’t that the whole idea about “Kevin Jonas Day”. A day just for him because he doesn’t get that much attention?

  • TSLove

    Kevin Jonas day is June 5th.Today is july 13th :)
    So shut up because you have no point.

  • idkMyBFFjill

    Does that mean we get to Ask Taylor today? woooo

  • idkMyBFFjill

    since Yvonne’s gone, we’ll never know when Kevin Jonas Day’s coming. :(

  • MileyROCKSxx

    Taylor Swift sucks

  • life without you

    Taylor Swift sucks

    Your statement sucks, but your icon takes my breath away.

  • doublexxvision

    taylor swift day? O_o
    cool…i guess?

  • oneofakindxo

    How do people have their own days? lmao

  • Untouchable

    i get the Taylor Swift but why is it Kevin Jonas Day?

  • doublexxvision

    oneofakindxo said:

    How do people have their own days? lmao
    i mean i understand if it’s her birthday or something. -_-

  • Anonymous

    and you stupid ou…why haven’t you post a big “happy kevins day”???? (why is it kevins day today? anyone? xd)

  • Mrs. jonas (nick)

    Happy Taylor Swift Day

  • -Jenii


  • Anonymous

    YES! Finally!

  • Anonymous

    WOOP WOOP I love that girl she is actually amazing :) happy t-swizzle day mmwwuuhaaaa !! She is like the most nicest celeb out there at the moment , whats not to like about her plus cant wait for her 3rd album , guna be even better than her last two even though that is hard :D:D

  • Ashe Cyrus Jonas

    Kevin’s day is on June 5th (:

  • HeyYouOkayNot

    Today’s not Kevin Jonas day

  • hottiegirl

    what they mean by taylor swift or kevin day?!

  • Anonymous

    happy tay swift day!
    btw how did today become taylor swift day like whats the reason behind it being today?

  • Alice

    To MileyROCKSxx, if you don’t like Taylor …. DONT see news of she ok? stupid anti

    Taytay rocks :D she is the best :D

  • Live Like There Is No Tomorrow

    there should be an ASK TAYLOR DAY.

  • TaySwiftLover

    oh yay! I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!!

    but i don’t really get how today is her day.
    other than the fact that today is the 13th, & that’s her favorite/lucky number.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ¬.¬ Is not your day is the international day of kevin jonas copycats

  • Fiona

    Happy Taylor Swift Day!

  • Anonymous


  • MissSarah

    J-14: “It’s Taylor Swift Day… at least it is in Evansville, Indiana! How cool is that? Taylor just Twittered that she’s putting her lucky number 13 on her hand for “good luck.” ”

    …guess thats the weird reason. this day is kinda unnecessary. the next time i write sth on my skin ill hopefully get my own day.

  • elliesaur

    What’s the reason for today being Taylor Swift Day?

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday i love u tswift!!!!!!

  • Hilary


  • KristinaMarie559

    there should be an ASK TAYLOR DAY

  • HeyYouOkayNot


  • bluesfan3410

    Happy Taylor Swift Day! LOL..

  • HeyYouOkayNot

    OU why you have to put the Kevin thing huh?
    I know why Drama :P

  • simplygood

    Taylor Swift Day? You have to be kidding me…haha funny:) I don’t really like her music but she’s still awesome and i like her:)

  • Anonymous


  • CaliforniaSunshineInMyEyes


  • CaliforniaSunshineInMyEyes

    Kevin Jonas day ?
    Although I have no idea when that is.

  • Anonymous

    he already has his own day! so does nick :)

  • meganfoxisbad

    kevin jonas need his own day but then again this is coming from a die hard kanielle and kevin jonas fan lol

  • bluesfan3410

    When is Kevin Jonas day?

  • keseay

    ITS KEVIN JONAS DAY. Not TSwift day!

  • ms.sunshine

    i don’t get it oh well HAPPY TAYLOR SWIFT DAY =D

  • Anonymous

    MileyROCKSxx said:
    Taylor Swift sucks

    she is way better than kevin though

  • Anonymous

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