Boo Boo Stewart visited Gavert Atelier salon in Beverly Hills, Tuesday. Fame.

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    Is he related to taylor lautner????? they somewhat…look alike… :) lol

  • MileyROCKSxx

    uh who the fuck is he?

  • Diana

    he is SO hot, i don’t really care if he’s gay.. btw i dont think so, he’s beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck is this guy?!

  • Jersey Native

    Really you guys…Its his sister…Like chill out…I bet a lot of you are super Fuckvato fans even when she was mooching off the Jonas Brothers…Now that is being a fame whore.Being the sister of a celeb isnt.You guys are acting like she is some random girl he is dating.If I were famous I would want to share every bit of my fame with my sister…So chill.Not that serious.

  • Tienisha

    I know, right? I’m all for family closeness and all, but he’s way too close to his sister or she’s a fame whore.

    It’s either that or he’s queer.

  • Ariel

    Why is the loser sister always hanging around him? She’s always posing for pics with him like she’s sucking off his fame. Kinda creepy in a Flowers in the Attic way.

    Boo-Boo, get a REAL girlfriend. Lose the clingy sister.

    Unless of course he’s gayyyyyy

  • Hilary

    Boo Boo

  • Anonymous

    Oh, he’s a cuuuutie !

    Iknowright ? His sister is always his date to events ! She is so annowing

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I don’t really care about his hair, I’m still in shock over his name. Boo Boo? Seriously?

  • Anonymous

    It’s just a nickname his real name is Nils Allen Stewart

  • Anonymous

    who is he? lol

  • PurdyAmberSixx

    hes was adorable in Eclipse :)

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  • Ariel

    What is up with the sister always in the shot? She’s always with him in events posing for pictures, sucking off his publicity?? WTF?? It’s freaking creepy in in a “Flowers in the Attic” way. Love him but I heard his parents were WEIRRRRRRRRD.

    Boo-Boo, get a real girlfriend you can make out with. Lose the fame-sucking wannabe sister!!