Joe Jonas & Hilary Duff @ Kings Of Leon

Joe & Kevin Jonas + Hilary Duff walking into Kings Of Leon concert.


  • Anonymous

    OU…Hilary is engaged. Next time you start drama, make sure the girl in question isn’t in a stable relationship. My God.

  • Jaymee__x

    SlippinIntoTheL… said:

    HOE! <3
    best couple name EVER!

  • phillipsjl
  • lueling
  • 7.05 is my 11.11

    aw i was gunna go to that concert :(
    but its not like i would of seen them anyways

  • Anonymous

    LOL Look at OU failed attempt to start drama.

  • Bristalon
  • chocolatelemonade

    whoa it looks like hollywood was out in their numbers. i’m glad jessica biel said no she wasn’t signing autographs i mean these ppl don’t expect them to be writing their name 24/7 everywhere they go. must be annoying. i dnt get why ppl want autographs anyway tradition i guess but still give them a break

  • bouncing wiff Miley.

    well,Hilary’s nothing to worry about.(;

  • Anonymous

    hilary is their neighbor

  • Anonymous

    Way to start drama OU with putting just Joe and Hilary in the title.

  • WakaWakaEhEh

    I thought they went together.

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    lol at the title.

  • MeenuD

    Why this important? There were like a bunch of other celebs that went to the concert.

  • Anonymous

    Joe is an idiot but i love him

  • m

    WakaWakaEhEh said:
    I thought they went together.
    Hilary has a boyfriend…

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    I thought they went together.
    Hilary has a boyfriend…

    She’s engaged.

  • nick

    HOE! <3

  • Disdain

    Cool… :)

  • superJOEman

    I also thought that they went together. LOL.
    Joe Jonas = LOVE <3

  • uufhrwkbz

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  • Chelsea-Rose

    Hilary = <3

  • Disdain

    ^ IMNOTANNOYING fucked oceanup up.

    Er… no she didn’t.

  • xMannyfestox
  • lindzz

    still the ashley greene and joe jonas dating thing? come on, get over it, ppl

  • Charlotte-x-

    This is like a dream.

  • lindzz

    btw, i love hilary duff and her fiance. they look so cute together… xD

  • taylormanuel
  • Love you bitch.

    This is something I didn’t expect O_o

  • harrypotterbitches


  • stcsleelz

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  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    HOE! <3

  • CaliforniaSunshineInMyEyes

    My best friend is obsessed with Hilary Duff.

  • Drizzy

    I love Hilary! <3

  • Anonymous

    WHAA!? im in her movie ;)

  • Anonymous

    Oh Oceanup! Good way to get us to look!! :)

  • jerseygirl


    This is a waste of a post.

  • Nikki

    Screw Kings of Leon I’d be screaming if I saw Hilary Duff there! :D