Zac Efron Charlie St. Cloud HARDBALL

  • Tokio Hotel is Love

    i wanna watch the movie

  • Mimilouchie

    I think that movie will be cool and damn zac is so hot . Vanessa has a chance to be with him

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA <3

  • xafranbix

    cant wait

  • xafranbix

    OMG I WAS FIRST -Spazzes-. im not even an oceanupper that much..
    -bows-. thank you thank you.

  • NeverShoutNeverrr

    this looks like a shitty movie.
    but zac’s hot. :D

  • Amy

    Love Zac, i really love the chemistry between them, It seems so natural!

  • xafranbix

    I hate TV spots.. why don’t the post the whole movie?..smh

  • Anonymous

    who cares ou! post selenas fail of a performance!!!!!!!

  • idkMyBFFjill

    lmao “SOOOO SCARED”

  • Katelyn

    This movie will be awesome!! I read the book and it’s so moving! LOVE YOU ZACCCC