Noah Lindsey Cyrus enjoying with Toluca Lake sunshine with @OfficialDillon: ‘had fun hanging out with Noah Cyrus and had a great walk with Emily Hudson. such a beatiful day here’.

  • Jess

    DILLON IS AMAZING <3333333

  • Miley2Fan

    omg i love dillon and noah looks really cute here.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great here. She’s gonna be so so so gorgeous in a few years, she’s so cute here though. Give them a break, she isn’t ugly at all

  • Anonymous

    freakin dillon man!! xD WOW!

  • KristinaMarie559

    I love Noah:)

  • Anonymous

    they are both talented kids and this is such a cute photo. :)

  • Matt

    HA!! Dillon is awesome! traveled the world with him in chorus!

  • MaryFan4life

    i think he is this new actor/model/singer. thats what it says on his twitter. haha btw this pic is really great

  • Anonymous

    noah and dillon are amazing!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she is actually SO ugly.

  • Fiona

    Nice pic.
    but who is Dillon Mutyaba?

  • CyrusFan

    aww thats such a rad picture. <3

  • Anonymous

    she is very prettyy. love noah

  • Anonymous

    Dillion! is famous :O that’s my buddy from school.

  • Gable16

    PLUS, miles had braces at 12…i bet in the near too distant future so will noah. all her baby teeth aren’t gone yet.

  • Geral

    Noah is such a cuttie :)

  • Princess

    mehh n dillon made a video on youtubee!!! doess anyoneee wanna c itt????

  • Anonymous

    are you really calling a kid ugly? oh well you fools that are are probably losers anyway.
    what is ugly about Noah? her teeth? keep in mind she is still a kid and will probably have more teeth coming in. i would bet my life fortune that when Noah grows up she is going to be hot. look at her family, mother and 2 sisters, all hot. yes Miley is hot, her body is smoking!
    don’t be jealous of the fame that Noah has at such a young age.

  • biancaa

    how can a kid be so ugly? cyrus family scares me. really..
    money buys beauty just so u know..

  • hannahh

    i love this picture alot. they both look really good

  • Princess

    Yepp thats my cusin Dillon :D

  • Ben1934

    is that Dillon Mutyaba..?

  • cvc

    Yeah! It is dillon Mutyaba. I was in the boys chorus with him.

  • Princess


  • Princess

    Dillon actually called me that dayy and said that he was riding his bike and he met noah so i was lyk ARE you serious and he was lyk yeahh and im not joking oh yeahh he WAS in boys chorus but not anymoree haha yeahh i would go 2 lyk tha TCC too go watch some shows but yeahh i cant believe this :O

  • BiggieD

    can you get me his autographe?

  • Anonymous


    I mean,

  • Anonymous

    OMG. she is adorable and he is really cute. good thing she has great friends to surround her

  • austin19
  • Hilary

    Cutie =)

  • Vannessa

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he is such a hottie <3 she is one lucky girl

  • Anonymous

    haha Dillion is getting all famous!! (: