Wouldn’t Change A Thing Italian Version

Italian band Finley Camp Rock 2’s ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing’! Thx @_atwood!

  • il_tempo_di_un_minuto *_*

    I’m italian and I LOVE this song…. “per la vita che verrà” is very very wonderful *_*…..I don’t like the english version, but the italian version is very beautiful *_*….finley are a very incredible band

  • dome

    i love it!
    *___* it’s amazing!
    sucks anti finley!

  • Momo

    Hello! I’m Italian and I’m a fan of the band Finley. I think this song is really beautiful, I have not heard the English version, I do not doubt that it is beautiful but I just want to say that if does not like the group not necessarily must to criticize their own version. ..
    There are few artists with the grit and the talent they have …
    If you do not know them, at least shut up!

  • Anonymous

    I hate Finley,ew.

  • Anonymous

    the meaning is the same?
    mmmm…I doubt :O

  • isobel

    I’m italian
    and I love both versions.
    i think that it’s a good song, i lvoe the words

  • Anonymous

    it’s very fantastic song,for me is better than originl english version :D

  • Boone

    I’m from Poland and I think that italian version is better than american. I really like Finley and this song is amazing in his interpretation:)

  • Esse;

    OMG, I love it *-*
    I love Finley and I think that this is an amazing song.


  • Beatrice :D

    oh guys.
    finley do the best they can,and believe me… it’s a good.. REALLY a good song.
    Even if the word are totally different… it respects the meaning of the american version.
    jobro and demi will be proud of them. :D

  • fre*

    no, the meaning is not the same!

  • fre*

    sorry, yes the meaning is the same, but words are different

  • Anonymous

    I’m Italian and I’m proud to say that this is an AMAZING version of “Wouldn’t Change a Thing”.
    I really love Finley they’re one of the few Italian artists that I love.
    Just like I said I love this version even if I think the English one would be more impressive, idk.
    if there is anyone who understand Italian, maybe you can hear some other Finley’s songs

  • Anonymous

    Finley are the BEST italian band!!!!!!!!
    this song is AMAZING!!!!! <333

  • Memy

    Sucks Anti-Finley!
    You are envious!
    I’m Italian.
    Finley are one of the most
    important italian band, and I love them!
    “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” is beautiful
    but I prefer “Per La Vita Che Verrà”!
    Listen “Tra Gli Angeli” and “Gruppo Randa”,
    are amazing! :D

  • Anonymous

    finley are pure musical energy…their songs are beautiful…listen to believe!:-)

  • kaky*finley

    i love finley this song is very d beautiful and finley are the best band on the world

    p.s. you listen a new cd fuori!!

  • s.

    Finley is the best italian band!
    I love them and i love this song!

  • koebane

    they cant sing.

  • Monset

    You must listen this song, is very sweet!

  • Karmy

    I’m italian and this song is beautiful!!! I love it and I love Finley!! Finley is a fantastic band!!!!

  • V10

    the italian version is better than the english one!!! Finley are the best italian band!!!XD

  • FinleyBestBandItalian

    Finley is a best italian band! And their song are fantastic! Listen ”Il tempo di un minuto” or ”Meglio di noi non c’è niente” Are amazing!

  • C85

    Finley is a fantastic band! I love their song! Are beautiful *___*

  • Anonymous

    I’m Italian and I think Finley is one of the few Italian bands I follow.
    And I just love this version. <3

  • Anonymous

    Guys.. I think this song is very beautiful, I’m Italian and I LOVE Finley. It respects the meaning of American version. So, you can think what you want but this song is special and important. Its lyrics for Finley’s fan are really good. I agree with @KimMileyCyrus, listen “fumo e cenere”. It’s amazing.
    Bye. Be happy.

  • Cristina*

    I love Finley and this song is great!!!! :D
    please go here http://www.finley.it you will not regret! ;D I know this guys…they are the best in Italy now!

  • Anonymous

    finley are the best band of italy and this song is wonderful like make up your own mind and dollars and car. finley are also brilliant when they sing in english

  • lore61
  • Anonymous


  • Serena

    I’m an Italian girl who follows Finley and they are my favorite band and I respect them so much their music for me is something very important and this song is amazing I have no words to describe it, I have not heard the original version But I think that Finley is beautiful then when I can hear the other also comment and see but I think that I will continue to prefer this for its beautiful text.
    Meanwhile, I invite you to take a view on their website http://www.finley.it

  • AliveDrop

    Love Finley! <3

  • Sfollatina

    Finle the best! Please visiting http://www.finley.it

  • Sfollatina


  • *Sabry*

    Finley are the best!
    This song is B E A T I F U L !
    I invite you to listen all the finley’s songs! <3

  • Singer <3

    I heard the original version of this song and it’s beautiful …. but this version in italian is great!!!!!
    this band is really good ;)

  • sara

    I love this song <3
    I love Finley <3

  • sara

    I love this song <3
    I love Finley! <3

  • Lu

    I love this song! congratulations guys…

  • Alex

    the italian version is the best….Finley are the Best

  • Anonymous

    i’m italian and i’m a fan of finley i love this song ** it’s very beautiful ** finley forever **

  • Lory

    I love them, i love this song. They’re fantastic. Finley forever!

  • Alex

    The italian version is the best…Finley are The Best

  • Alex

    The italian version is the best…Finley are The Best

  • Sim

    Love this song **
    Finley the best!!! :)

  • Alis

    Hello! I’m Italian and I’m fan of Finley band. This song is very beautiful, a beautiful sound and tender words. I have not heard the English version, but you should not judge the song by Finley only because they don’t like. Try also to listen to others (here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Finley)
    Finley Anyway congratulations!

  • Alis

    Hello! I’m a fan of Italian Finley. This song is very beautiful, a beautiful sound and tender words. I have not heard the English version, but you should not judge the song by Finley only because they do not like. Try also to listen to others (here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Finley)
    Finley Anyway congratulations!

  • mars

    Love it!<3

  • M


  • Stefina

    They are amazing and this song is really terrific!!
    I love them and they love their job and their music… I think this is really important!
    Then they are at first artist then star… they really love music!
    Listen their new cd “Fuori”, it’s amazing too ?

  • d.R.O.p*

    This song is AMAZING!
    I love this song, I love Finley and I love their songs.
    Listen —-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQMu89YK4q8
    and —–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_XoaWd036s
    or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSK_MMsNm_Y
    or —-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSK_MMsNm_Y ft Belinda ;)

  • Rebecca

    Yea It still exist … but you know that band Finley who sang this song changed every single word of the song ( I’m italian ) I don’t like it in italian I prefere the original version

  • demi is my girl crush

    trl still exist huh.

  • lore61

    try to listen their english songs :) or others italian sons,like “un altra come te” and”tra gli angeli”

  • Chelseaa

    I’m not going to listen to it, becuase I won’t understand it probably.

  • Anonymous

    Hi!I’m an italian teenager who really loves this italian band…Finley!!I love them…each song gives me something special and sometimes magic!!In many moments their music is the only thing that understands me and helps me to go on!I really love this song…the words are different but the meaning is the same!!When I listen to it I feel very deeply emotions!!<3 If someone understands italian…listen to “Tra gli angeli!”and you will understand what I mean!;)

  • Anonymous

    i’m italian… but i prefer the english version… even because i hate finley band!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    fidati ce ne sono molte di persone che dopo questo commento ti odieranno…io sono una di quelle :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m italian.
    The Finley sucks,and the means of the song is totally change :(

  • misscherie13

    wow, I’m yelling for happiness -.-

    no way! I don’t like them.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful Song. I love the to say the least.
    these guys are fantastic, they always know how excited

  • Kimberleigh

    It sounds cool. I don’t know italian very well, but I love this version. And I love Camp Rock, too. Btw, I’m going to visit Finley’s youtube channel.

  • my…

    Finley are amazing…. this song is very very fantastic… also the version at Demi&Joe!!!!! <3

  • lore61

    you’re very funny -.-” wtf

  • Mèè

    Finley are the best italian band and their are much famous in italy.
    This is song is amazing, one the most beautiful song in this years.

  • Leyla

    idk italian, but the singer’s a beautiful voice

  • Leyla

    idk italian, but the singer’s a beautiful voice

  • Lisa

    Finley are simply the best!!
    This song is wonderful and i love them.

  • Anonymous

    The song is beautiful and Finley are great I’m Italian and I am a huge fan of them heard their other songs Tutto è possibile Il tempo di un minuto etc. …

  • ValyJB

    Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is fantastic *__* Finley rocks the world!!! <3

  • Celes_spagna

    I’m from Spain and I TOTALLY LOVE Finley, they are the best!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m italian… This song is fantastic! Finley are the best band! You can visite the website http://www.finley.it/ ;)
    Good job guys!! :D

  • RaiOfLight

    Finley is a very good band! You should hear their songs ;)

  • Anonymous

    Finley is a very good band! You should hear their songs ;)

  • Anonymous

    They’re songs are really amazing. They are THE BEST of THE BEST! I’m one of their Italian Fan, and I listen them since 2006. The sounds and the lyrics are wonderful and They are fantastic people, I’m not joking.
    and.. for the antiFinley:Fu*k off!!
    “Per la vita che verrà” is a beautiful song, and I don’t say it because I’m their fan.

    Kiss. Proud to be a Finley’s fan.

  • Finley’ girl

    Oh this version is fantastic *__* I love Finley!!! Finley are the best <3

  • Ci.

    Finley is a really nice group! The songs are very beautiful and full of meaning as this.

  • Anonymous

    i’m a finley’s fan but not for this I prefer the italian song (their) that english!!! w Finley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;);) ;) ;)

  • HachicoBlow

    FINLEY simply the best ?
    there’s nothing better than u!
    this song is really amazing!
    I love you guys keep it up!

  • Patry_Spain

    Me encantan!!
    Venid a españa chicos!

    Somos poquitas pero la promoción de verdad empieza ahora y las pocas que somos os apoyamos muchísimo… somos de distintas partes de España pero no importa, Finley nos ha unido! =)

    Sois geniales!!

  • Finleana

    Finley are the best! The song is fantastic, really amazing. Listen to it, they’ re so adrenalinic. Visit: http://www.finley.it
    You’ ll love them! XD

  • noname

    this song is fantastic!!!!!
    i love all your song finley are my favourite group, listen their song, they are very good

  • Tais_Spain

    ¡Me encanta esta canción! ¡Es realmente bonita!
    -Proud to be a SPANISH Finley Fan!

  • Emi

    Fantastic version: feelings, romanticism and good music, Finley don’t disappoint fan’s expectations.
    For who didn’t know them you can find useful information on their site http://www.finley.it and to access the official forum and the myspace.
    Not stopped you to the appearances, Finley are a lot of more of this!

  • FeDe

    I’m italian and i think that everyone must listen this song, not only treir fan… This song is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! this is one of the best that they have sing.

  • Anonymous

    finley sucks
    poor things
    they’re still better than lost or sonohra or whatever
    I’m Italian btw

  • fre*

    the song is called “Per la vita che verrà”

    love it.

  • Anonymous

    the lyrics are different but the meaning is the same :D

  • Anonymous


  • alien

    I love this song! congratulations guys…

  • alien

    I love this song! congratulations guys…

  • Selena

    I’m italian…and i’m a great fan of Finley..i love this song and i think that also the english version is good…^_^

  • Anonymous

    i totally adore this song! Finley are way better than demi lovato and joe! Check out all their songs, they sing in english too! ;) and dont worry if u dont understand italian.. I dont get every word of the english songs, but i listen to them anymax!

  • Selena

    I’m Italian..and i’m a great fan of Finley…i love this song “Per la vita che verrà”…and i think that is incredible…but i think also that the english version is good…

  • Beingus*

    I’m an Italian girl and Finley are my favourite band. I love so much Italian version, however English version is good. My advice is to listen others Finley’s songs. The last Album is “Fuori” and it’s only in Italian, but “Tutto è possibile” and “Adrenalina 2″ have songs in English! Go here: http://www.myspace.com/finleymusic

  • @KimMileyCyrus on twitter

    F**k off people. Finley are the BEST italian band ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all their songs are really good :)

    the best!

    to anyone who understands italian here: listen to ‘Fumo e Cenere’ and you’ll know what i mean !!!!

  • MiniaPattinson!

    Finley are the BEST! <3 I love this song… *.* I prefer the italian version…! Finley for ever <3!

  • Anonymous

    beh a molti di voi potrà anche non piacere la versione italiana di questa canzone solo perchè è scritta dai finley ma questa canzone è stupenda…. i finley fanno sempre un ottimo lavoro…. sono ragazzi talentuosi…

    ( Well many of you may not like the Italian version of this song just because it is written by Finley, but this song is beautiful …. finley always do a great job …. guys are talented … )

  • Anonymous

    here you can listen the song in a better quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_d1BTrrLr8

  • veee

    finley che best!

  • Anonymous

    finley= amazing…i love finley 4ever..i can’t live without they.

  • mar


  • Brigitte


  • FinleyK


  • star94

    im proud to be a finley fan since 2006, no matter what u say! Fuck off haters! ;) finley are awesome, they’re really talented and this song’s amazing!!! Love u guys!

  • boy_punk89


  • Marcy*

    I really like this original song, and the italian version too.
    I listened finley music since 2006 and their music is always a good way to comunicate with young people, to talk about their emotions, their experience, their life.
    So, i think finley are perfect to sing a beautiful song as “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” in italian.
    I hope oceanUP’ll speak again about them, they must be famous in other country, not only in italy.
    Thank you to the video :D

  • Vale

    i love this song, it’s fantastic!!!
    Finley 4ever!!!!

  • Anonymous

    meravigliosi…i finley!! un nome un emozione!! è emozionante vedere che sono conosciuti oltre all’ italia..significa che ogni emozione che donanano a noi sanno trasmetterle a anche a voi..continuate a seguire questi ragazzi..:)

  • Nikki

    Guys you should listen this song, it’s very sweet! And before you judge them, you should listen other songs.. That’s their youtube channel.. Here you can listen some finley’s songs.
    Probably who has posted bad comments doesn’t know Finley so much :/
    Oh, listen these songs too


    I hope OceanUp will speak again about them (:

  • Finleyfan

    Finley are the best italian band!this song is fantastic like the others guy’s songs!!!listen then american teeneger!!!

  • FinleyLover <3

    W O N D E R F U L ! !
    Those guys are fantastic *_* Love this song more than original version ! ^^ i think this is the most beautiful song that they’ve done <3

    ahah and sorry for the gramar..;D

  • star94

    im proud to be a finley fan since 2006, no matter whatcha say! Fuck off and shut up, haters!! This song’s awesome and these guys are really talented! Check em out!

  • *Fede}

    I love this song and the original version of Demi and Joe.

  • A

    I’m Italian,I love the italian version of “wouldn’t change a thing””.
    I think that is better than the English one.
    I listen Finley since 2006,I love them too much.
    I was there,in Catania,when they sang this song.

  • TickleMeElmoxD

    first again xD

  • Anonymous

    This song is perfect,beautiful,sweet,fantastic.
    I prefer this version,even if the original version is sweet and beautiful.
    I love thi guys <3

  • ireka94

    I am Italian And Finley is one of the good bands in our country…

    Come visit their official website http://www.finley.it
    They sing in English ;-)

  • Sfollatina

    I’m Italian and I LOVE FINLEY!
    Are my drug!!
    Are a fantastic band, very very good.