Jonas Brothers Z@PPLIVE Netherlands

November 13, 2009 Rotterdam Ahoy Netherlands.

  • jonas_vampire

    Jonas Brothers!!

  • kristenn <33

    this was my birthday;
    nov. 13th [=

  • superJOEman


  • Riannee

    i’m from the netherlands but i never saw that :P:P maybe cuz i don’t watch it xD

  • Laura

    That was the best day of my life so far! (:
    Sad they don’t come to Holland again this year but I’ll go to somewhere else in Europe to see them & I’m already excited! I can’t wait :D

  • Larissa.

    ohmygod, it was soooo amazing <3
    best fucking day of my life.
    hope they’ll come soon! :]

  • xLOLAx


  • CoinBears

    World Tour ’09 <3

    What’s the point of this post, OU? Reminiscing?

  • Kristeels

    Omg, I miss that day :(
    Was sooo amazing <3

  • NicksSweetCaroline

    The HAT!!!!!!!!

  • BadReputation.

    Ummm world tour 2010 B!TCHES :D

  • BadReputation.

    outta topic here but “Revenge of the bridesmaid” look kinda lame.. -_-‘ not gonna watch..
    anyone else?

  • imissmylove

    i miss this day.

  • BurninUpForJoeJ

    WOW! A Jonas Brothers concert seems REALLY fun. I’ve Never been to one :( They never came to Egypt. I wish they do. <3

  • elliesaur

    I love listening to foreign people talk. xD