• Anonymous

    They’re fucking weird. They’re not good, and they don’t sing their own songs..get them off the stage.

  • JocelynGeee

    It’s like Beyonce’s Single ladies.

  • NSilv

    Dear OceanUp,
    Honestly, NO ONE CARES ABOUT JEDWARD. Stop posting about them.

  • Anonymous

    …they sound like little girls when they talk.

  • anonumus

    ahh JEDWARD! we met these guys and they are the cutest, sweetest most friendliest guys ever! They have time for everyone and were so nice to their fans. They hilarious and btw Edward stuffs his pants with a sock.. just sayin’.. he told us haha
    p.s is that scene on the ship supposed to be representing SOS by JB?

  • Anonymous

    they seem to like dick.

  • Anonymous

    i hope they conquer america and stay over there! we irish people need a break from them! i was in a shop yesturday and i heard them before i saw them!!

  • Anonymous

    I can honestly say that my mum actually LIKES this! Seriously, she laughed and everything! Attack of the Jedward!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    who’s jedward??
    idk these guys haha.
    are they famous or something? or just making home videos? :p

  • Anonymous

    i hope they conquer there too!! they’re touring the country AGAIN….seriously,we are a teency country,how are they finding more places to go to?!?

  • Laura

    This is amazing leave them alone they work so hard you have to give them credit and Edward is still performing with a bad leg no other person would do that.

  • Anonymous

    I actually liked these, LOL.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymousssssssssssssss

    i like them but if they wernt brothers im sure they would be dating, there a little too close

  • Anonymous

    Why do they ALWAYS do covers!?! It’s really stupid just write your own song and sings IT! stop RUINING good songs!

  • Anonymous

    they are so gay OMG…
    but I still don’t know if I actually like them or what… their videos always leave me speechless, I don’t know if in a good or bad way, LOL!

  • anon.

    JOHN AND EDWARD <3 oh, i love them.

  • Anonymous

    I know!, they just look so gay!

  • Anonymous

    OMG they so remind of Thing 1 and Thing 2 of Cat in the Hat. They are so annoying, LOL. But whatever, I think I like them…

  • alltherightmoves.

    they have also covered LOVEBUG and GIVE LOVE A TRY.
    I cannot stand the sight of them, you need a chainsaw to cut through their hair aswell. Ruining a classic also? omg.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm…. okay??

  • GabriellaS

    Me and my mum love them hahaa! They are really nice in person and they look really sexy in this video. It’s a bonus that they love Taylor Swift as well.

  • Anonymous

    I havený heard from them either LOL :S

  • AnonymousS


  • BirthdayCake

    well that is just sad. and it makes me want to rip my ear drums out. and it makes me want to rip my eyes out. and it…well it was just bad.

  • BirthdayCake

    Lots of people perform with injuries. He’s not that special. He should get a pat on the back, not excused for making a crap music video.

  • Anonymous

    ahaha I love them so much, they know they’re fun and funny

    I think they’re awesome :D They’re just having fun :D

  • Tokio Hotel is Love

    haha. it really is horrible. their singing sucks. im not a hater, they’re funny guys, but seeriuosly! their singing sucks.

  • xoShannonxo

    I don’t like them.

  • Anonymous

    lmao. Dougie from McFly was totally against this cover xD

  • Anonymous

    thats just..

  • dreamoutloud

    I don’t really like them but…I think the video was pretty original.

  • Anonymous

    Why on earth do you post them? NOBODY CARES!!!

  • Anonymous

    Omg love these guys, and this video, Oceanup keep posting more John and Edward =:D

  • Anonymous

    holy fucking shit, this needs to die. i didn’t know i could hate them anymore until i saw this

  • Anonymous

    seriously oceanup is the only place i ever hear/heard of them. and that’s too much. they’re absolutely terrible and if they ever become popular, i’ll know the world has become shit. this video makes me want to slit my throat (sarcasm, but still, that was terrrrible)

  • Olivia

    They were on Xfactor oven here in the UK.
    They were rubbish live but the public kept them in for a ‘laugh’…..
    But yeah there voices have been altered for this sooo much!

  • Anonymous

    wait..i dont even understand how someone could ACTUALLY like them! im not one for hating on musicians..but theyre not! all they ever do is cover songs and now they have a music video for a song thats NOT EVEN THEIRS! write your own music and stop being annoying. seriously. be original. its one thing to cover a song, okay, i get that. but have a music video for it and say “jedward” in it..NO.

  • Anonymous

    i HATE these two twats of boys!!im irish and they are embarressing my country!will someone please get a gun and shoot them for me..thank you:D

  • NoneYaBusiness

    Who the f*ck are these kids? I find these twins highly annoying. They try too hard to be cute. The hairgel-do is appalling.

  • Blink fan since ’99

    This was weird and kind of dumb. But that’s how Blink does it so you all can’t be like “Ugh they killed their best songgggg!” because 1. They didn’t kill it and 2. All The Small Things is their most MAINSTREAM song, not their best.

  • rockmaphia

    They RUINED one the best songs EVER. EFF YOU JEDWARD. GO BLINK!!!

  • Anonymous

    why are they ?

  • Estefania…


  • Melissa

    I think blink would be proud of this video. haha Their singing…yeahh not so much. These boys are fuck straight obnoxious but this was kinda funny.

    I love Blink.

  • Anonymous


  • oxoemmaoxo

    Jedward are probably the annoyingest cretures alive.

  • hithere

    GO BLINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jedward always cover good songs..but no jedward, no.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha :)

  • biebsoulmate

    wow that was horrible

  • addy

    was that a joke?

    no seriously..was that just supposed to be for fun because that dancing……wow.

    No me gusta.