Lucy Hale Talks Ex-Boyfriend David Henrie

Thx @teamlucyyhale!

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I thought they were still together. Jeez, I’m slow…

  • Untouchable

    Lucy is awesome

  • Anonymous

    i heard she was also dating michael bruno from honor society…idk if that’s true though

  • superJOEman

    They should date again!!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone wanna tell me what she said about David? I’m just not interested in listening as much as reading about it. :p

  • Anonymous

    I’ve loved her since forever, I’m so happy for everything that’s happening for her :)

  • Fiona

    LaLaLaLand said:
    Can someone plz help me find the 3rd episode online!!
    When you click for more links, choose one of the megavideo ones and you can watch it there. Hope I helped.

  • Barby

    I wonder if she asked David out in the past LOL I mean, If I had a chance I would do it xD Whatever, She’s cool ;)

  • Anonymous
  • idkMyBFFjill

    awwwww they wer cute together

  • LaLaLaLand

    Can someone plz help me find the 3rd episode online!!

  • Anonymous

    heyyy yeah go on channel 131. google it, they’re all there :)



  • Jessie//

    Awww I love her!

  • LaLaLaLand

    First!!! Love her and Pretty Little Liars!!!

  • LaLaLaLand

    omg never knew she dated David Henrie

  • Moonbeam


  • EvaSnow

    Aww they were so cute together! <3

  • biebgirl

    im with miley fans here, im out
    take that!