David Henrie 6 Pack Jake Austin @ Beach


David Henrie, Chelsea Staub, Nicole Anderson, Mark Hapka, Gregg Sulkin and Lorenzo Henrie swimming with dolphins at Casa Dorada in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Photos: Cabo Dolphins. + Jake T. Austin posing with fans in Cape May.


  • Anonymous

    *lick* *lick*

  • pceloveguitar

    made my dayyy.
    lorenzo’s hot.
    nicole is gorgeous.
    chelsea is gorgeous.
    nobody knew abt mark hapka til now. unfair.
    gregg has a hot accent.
    and carlson..yeah, she kinda fails and hasn’t done like..shit.
    and chelsea and mark will date :)

  • Anonymous

    she doesn’t have to be famous maybe their just friends
    and i agree with the gorgeous and hot lol
    but i think david will date chelsea
    and i hope nick dates nicole someone who isnt much famous and someone he can enjoy thats not overrated or boring

  • Momo

    JAKE LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGEE SO HOT!

  • Anonymous

    Selena Gomez on the Today Show – 21 July 2010 HQ


  • Anonymous

    Psh, David only has the best trainer/friend in the biz. He was known around the world as little herc or something like that. He’s legendary.I don’t get why girls want to lick abs lol. I wanna touch them

  • Jocylynn

    Damn.. He’s Hot(;

  • Moon

    David is hot and He with Selena will be couple perfect.

  • Chelseaa

    Damn David.

  • Anonymous


  • Becca.

    Dang boy!! Loookin’ absolutely sexy ;P

  • Anonymous

    chelsea has a problema wowz she is way way way too skinny

  • RiNiO

    musiciseverything said:

    David is hot. Nicole is beautiful.
    I Agree

  • Anonymous

    when did david henrie get so ripped??!! omg he is so hot now.

  • SimplyCT

    wow. he’s ripped and looking good. ;D

  • Georgia

    chelsea is way too skinny AGAIN gowd GIVE IT UP! she isn’t even ‘famous enough’ to need to go down that route.. FFS girl!

  • Anonymous

    Jake has a bulge in his pant, nice cock ;)

  • Anonymous

    David is so hot
    in ur face Gomez Lol

  • Anonymous

    david is hot

  • Anonymous

    if joe had that body…

  • Anonymous

    Think he’ll mind if I play on his abs xylophone?

  • Ilovenicholasjonas.

    Looking good David;) I love him.

  • PurdyAmberSixx

    Im liking those abs, damn.

  • Anonymous

    Ohhh I would sooo lick every single inch of David´s sexylicius body, I would go down those sex lines and suck all of his… damn boy! Im being slutty again…

  • SparksFly

    Damnnnn looking good David! <3

  • Kristeels

    looking good :)

  • LoveToLove

    Chelsea and David are gonna end up dating..

    Feeling Feeling..

  • biebgirl

    wow thats such a good looking pic

  • musiciseverything

    David is hot. Nicole is beautiful.

  • Anonymous


  • Untouchable

    oohh.. lovin David’s six pack

  • -Hibz-

    Okay, that’s impressive. Haha.

  • parttyy

    I enjoy his body. Thoroughly.

  • Anonymous

    Love how he’s the only one shirtless <333 lol