Demi Lovato ‘Inner Soul’ Diva On 3rd Album

Demi MTV interview: I’m really excited for working on new music in the spare time that I have before I go out on tour with the Jonas Brothers. I’m working on new music, writing new songs, trying to approach a different route, doing a new sound. I’m really excited. It’ll be fun. It’s more R&B/ pop. I’m trying to bring out my inner ‘soul'; a new side of Demi. I’m straying away from the rock this time.

I think surprises will include guest stars, really awesome guest stars. And also the romance between Sterling Knight’s character and Sonny. There’s definitely a romance factor, but it’s interesting because they play on rival shows and the casts aren’t really fond of each other. So, you see what happens.

  • Anonymous

    yes! rock gives me a freaking headache! i’m excited about this. :)

  • Anonymous

    i always thought of demi as a rocker…can’t wait to hear the new stuff tho!! :D

  • iLoveChimpanzee

    No! :[
    I liked her because of her rock sound!
    Hms.. we’ll see!
    iknow :(
    but the gurl got the VOICE.
    she might pull it off

  • Anonymous

    I think she change her music because she don’t want to rely to JoBros anymore….GOOD THING FOR HER! go girl!don’t make them make you their pet!:D

  • Anonymous

    I thought she sounded awful on behind enemy lines and just okay in everytime you lie so IDK about r&b suiting her. I think she sounds better/more mature in softer songs like World of Chances.

  • GoodNBroken

    This is what I’ve always wanted from her.
    I’m SO happy. Get your JoJo on girl :)

  • Anonymous

    invr knew how irriating her voice was! but come on guys loved the first album n she is sorta a rocker, but u othr guys r right. she’s deff got that voice for some R&B

  • madi

    holy crap! her voice sounds so pitchy here.
    haha happy for her she changed the crappy rock, she has a beautiful voice and it’s more suited for r&b

  • Anonymous

    cant wait!! she’s got the talent.

  • superJOEman

    Nice! Looking forward to hear her new R&B type of songs. :)

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! She’s got the voice for it!

  • Anonymous


  • nick

    well it’s about damn time you realize this demi. But I’m not going to give my hopes up, cause she said the exact same thing pretty much about the last album……..

  • Anonymous

    i better not be disappointed like i was after hearing miley’s new album.. demi’s last cd was sooo good.. it was all i heard for two months straight

  • thunderthighs

    I always wanted to do a R&B song. Chill its R&B/Pop. Kind of like Beyonce was before her ‘BDay’ album.

  • peacenlove

    cant wait =]

  • Anonymous

    As much as I love R&B and Demi, I don’t think they go together. I see Demi as a rocker not ‘soulful’. srry but Quiet and Got Dynamite were her best songs. Stick to rock/pop, hunny. ;)

  • Anonymous

    This is what I’ve always wanted from her.
    I’m SO happy. Get your JoJo on girl :)
    I agree

  • Anonymous

    I also wanted her to do a R&B sound…I can’t wait hear it.

    Taylor Swift is releasing her album, Speak Now, on October 25th. And her first single, Mine, will be released on August 16th.

  • harrypotterbitches

    Thank GOD!!! I been wanting her to do this for a while now :D

  • demi is my girl crush


  • Kristeels

    No! :[
    I liked her because of her rock sound!
    Hms.. we’ll see!

  • musiciseverything

    FUCK YES! I always thought she should do R&B. Rock isn’t for her.

  • speaknow

    sonny with a secret was hilarious.
    i dont get why a lot of people dont like that show, i think its funnnnny.

  • SimplyCT

    I actually like her music.
    so I can’t wait to hear it. :)

  • elliesaur

    I always thought her voice was more suited for R&B.
    I love her music. Can’t wait. :D

  • Anonymous


    Selena Gomez on the Today Show

  • Live Like There Is No Tomorrow

    cool! can’t wait i love r&b :D

  • Anonymous

    this sound good will see

  • Daydreamer…..

    We’ll see what happens, it might be better for her.

  • dreamingALOUD

    Woohoo. It suit her voice perfectly. :)