Adrienne Bailon Harlem Targer OPENER


Adrienne attended the opening of Target East Harlem NYC. Photos: Fame, PR.

  • Anonymous

    The editor of this website needs to wake up. I mean “Targer” really? Try Target.

  • tih-ago

    Adrienne looks sexy as usual! love her :D

  • Fiona

    she looks different.
    Is that a tan?

  • Anonymous

    Just wait and see… All this tan is gonna make her look old and leathery.

  • SmoochieCakes

    That tan is just hideous

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    No..No and just plain NO.
    The red lipstick needs to be GONE.
    Her hair looks a hot mess, those multiple earrings are not cute they are UGLY.
    and her shoes are ugly.
    Outfit = FAIL

  • Anonymous

    jealous much?

  • ellygance

    I don’t like the multiple earrings on her ear.

  • PurdyAmberSixx

    She USED to be SO pretty….

  • illogicallove

    Well I happen to think she’s still gorgeous. I mean she looks the same sooo..

  • EvaSnow

    Who is she? And why does she look orange?

  • MileyROCKSxx

    uh, she looks awful

  • suckit

    horrible tan she looks orange

  • urluvismydrugg

    oh look! it’s the kim kardashian wanna-be