Taylor Lautner, ‘I Like ‘Plain’ Girls’


Taylor Launter revealed to NOW he prefers ‘plain’ girls, using Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan as an example: ‘She’s just this plain girl, which sometimes, I know for me, is attractive. She’s just an average girl, she’s clumsy, but I think she’s good looking, so I don’t know.. she just has this thing about her.’

  • Fiona

    nice to know
    lol at the Kristen reference :P

  • sucy

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  • Dont be an idiot

    pipipixielott<3 correction, PLAIN does not mean ‘not good looking’.

    Plain is more or so, not wearing caked on makeup, having your hair perfectly done 24/7 or being dolled up.
    It’s being comfortable enough in your own skin to not have to get all dressy all the time like the other teen stars around her these days.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I used to say I liked plain girls…

    before I came out.

  • Team Taylor!

    im a plain girl ;) holla at me, big boy!

  • Anonymous

    Oh so that’s why he dated Selena…it all makes sense now…

    The irony in your username.

    Stfu, not everyone can be “fun” and “exciting”. Fucking deal that there is a variety of people in the world, asshole.

  • pipipixielott<3

    ummm oxymoron, plain basically means not good looking, but then he’s saying that he finds not good looking good looking. That is one confused child, or one confused and source. DUH

  • Anonymous/////

    looks like someone has a crush on kristen =)

  • Anonymous

    Come on Taylor, step out of the closet it’s okay

  • amy.

    i’m a plain jane, baby ;)

  • Anonymous

    hes so gorgeous.

  • La2

    Well, he’s becoming more and more like Jacob, lol =D

  • Anonymous

    taylor swift is very plain.

  • Anonymous

    hey tay,
    im plain:)

  • Anonymous

    dude.. doesn’t he have a girlfriend? so why is everyone still linking him with selena? she even said on the view that they aren’t together..

  • Anonymous

    because taylor swift and selena gomez are both so plain *speaking in ironic tones*

  • Anonymous

    Well, He dated Victoria Justice too and she’s not plain. Maybe Taylor Swift is a little plain though.

  • Caitylinrox

    I love selena and i dont think she is borin like lots of u but she is a little plain compared to some stars so taylena is confirmed if it alreaady wasnt and ok i want to b selena gomez so freakin bad to b famous gorgeous rich and have taylor laughtner she is the luckiest girl ever!!! and uh hey taylor ya know im pretty plain oh ya i am…sorta…well i can be, for u :D

  • Selena Fan:)

    Selena isnt boring! she’s alot more mature than your fucking stupid ass or Miley Cyrus skank ass self. Its ppl lyk you who deservez to get their ass kicked by ppl lyk me. enjoy fat bitch! >:)

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    Oh so that’s why he dated Selena…it all makes sense now…

  • Jonas Jonas Jonas 4 life

    WTF!! Well that’s a first!

  • Jonas Jonas Jonas 4 life

    It’s wierd cuz he is so big and all!

  • xJonasXCandyx

    What the heck? I’ve never heard of the source ”NOW”

  • PurdyAmberSixx

    Well in that case keep him away from me..he’d be all over me and and then id throw up on him…

  • carbomb__

    Hehe ;)

  • Anonymous

    Face it Lautner: You DON’T like girls. Be happy.7

  • biebgirl

    taylor is talking about either selna or taylor swift

  • mirna

    I am plain
    I am plain