Taylor Momsen had landed a modelling job with John Galliano, reports Grazia. She will front ads for the designer’s new women’s fragrance which launches this Autumn. Taylor is certainly now hitting the big league after her modellng debut last year for New Look. And it’s no coincidence that she has been chosen to represent brands created by two die-hard rebels, maverick genius Galliano, and controversy-courting Madonna.

  • gaga.lovegame.6

    she looks like a vampire! but she’s really pretty and she has a nice body

  • Anonymous

    Dear OU ,
    Can u pleasee stop posting bout this girl . no one cares . thanks :)

  • Sexy_Thang


  • Caitylinrox

    She can totally b a model there always frowning and scary so she should b good and she would b pretty if she didnt wear so much makeup and dress so trashy its unflattering. oh and oneofakindxo love the icon

  • biebgirl

    shes a bad role modle which noone should consider her as


    I will always wonder what she would do if the world had a shortage of black eyeshadow and red lipstick

  • Caitylinrox

    hmmmff…i bored

  • CaliforniaGirls

    I just peed myself…mommy

  • Caitylinrox

    ggrrr emailing a girl who really needs to b slapped hard right now shes such a little be och

  • Anonymous

    biebgirl, biebsoulmate and realistgangsta are all the same person!

  • biebgirl

    beautiful as she is already

  • Melissa=)

    ew. and people say demi wears too much makeup.

  • PurdyAmberSixx

    Shes pretty :)
    at least i think so…

  • Caitylinrox


  • CaliforniaGirls

    Happy Old Nick & disney day! lol

  • Anonymous

    let me pretend i care about this skank
    *……… -_-*

  • WinterPeace

    Well, I think she is really pretty, just…not with all that make up.
    Now…OU should post about Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday <3

  • CupcakezLover

    WinterPeace said:

    Well, I think she is really pretty, just…not with all that make up.
    Now…OU should post about Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday <3
    ^Agreed. :)

  • beautifullydisturbedxx

    the first picture scares me a little.

  • biebgirl

    what are you sayin no where not me and biebsoulmate go to the same school and you think i would ever call my self gansta i dont come from the hood so ya your wrong

  • xLOLAx

    I think she’s be a great model. She has the body

  • Jane Doe

    She would be even prettier if she would take off all that makeup.

  • Natedogg

    Taylor fucking RULES!!!

  • Meesh

    Anyone knows a good song??

  • biebsoulmate

    lol ya and im justin bieber. dont fool yourself 3 people cant b 1 person okay so go 2 candyland 2 dream about a candy river

  • Anonymous

    porno pose??

    hahah. why on earth would they want a creepy bitch to model for them? that’s pretty funny.

  • Hilary

    too much makeup

  • Anonymous

    she is not ugly… is just the dark punk makeup that ruins her! and of course her “badass” attitude…

  • biebsoulmate

    i went 2 alot of other blog sites

  • Anonymous

    From little Cindy Lou Who to this garbage. She goes on Gossip Girl, and all of a sudden she thinks she’s hot sh*t. This is just ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    biebgirl said:

    shes a bad role modle which noone should consider her as


    shut the fuck up .. shes fucking gorgeous and so hot!! u just jealous and u wanna be her.. i know tons of people here agrre with me
    momsen is the best love u hottie

  • Anonymous

    dressing like a slut isnt being a rebel.
    she doesnt stand for anything.
    nothing revolutionary or rebellious.

  • gottalent?

    no demi dont.
    cant even tell the difference

  • elliesaur

    If I saw Taylor Momsen running straight at me like that, I would probably shit myself and faint. She is scurry.

  • Anonymous

    so….exactly who is taylor momsen, and why is she famous. Can’t really figure that out yet. I only see her on ocean up.

  • Disdain

    Taylor Momsen! :)

  • Disdain


  • biebsoulmate

    the mess a model!
    got to laugh my ass 4 this

  • KristinaMarie559

    Double post!

  • deliciouspudding

    Definetly not the best picture of her.

  • colorfulx

    Nice pic OU. She looks like a zombie in that picture xD

  • oneofakindxo


  • Anonymous

    she has a good figure

  • Anonymous

    She is the definiton of trash…
    She hates on girls that are quite a bit younger than her. She has no talent at all, she shouldve just stayed with Gossip Girl and not do anything else. She should GTFO. I hate her fucking everything

  • sucy

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  • biebgirl

    BIEBSOULMATE your back!!!!!
    where you been?

  • fallenangels

    i think she looks better without all that black makeup, the first picture is kinda creepy