Ashlee Simpson Recording Fourth Album

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  • sucy

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  • Anonymous

    Yay!!! Can’t wait :-)

  • Anonymous

    Why your third from album YEARS ago flopped, we’re over you sweetheart

  • tessa

    the girl is NOT musically talented to me, i frekaing hate musicians who cant even play a fucking instrument let alone have passion for music

  • Anonymous

    she’s ready to ‘head back’ to what… lip synching and horrible acting? must be nice to imagine you’re talented enough to make a fourth album when the first three got weaker and weaker… mmm. that’s what i call star power.

    oh wait.

  • Anonymous

    love her, it really didnt matter when she got kicked off of melrose place because the show is cancelled for sucking so much! i hope her cd is good=)

  • AshleyxHeart

    wow , i cant wait ! i loved ashlee when i was younger . Now that im older i can deff relate to her songs .
    < 3

  • Anonymous

    She just wants more attention and money, that’s all.

  • Diamondback

  • Anonymous

    I used to like her let’s see if THE NEW ALBUM IS WORTH IT!

  • Anonymous

    If i wanted to listen to autotune and playback, i’d listen to ke$ha and lil wayne.