Jesse McCartney UP New Song

  • sucy

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  • Anonymous

    This song is sooooo amazing!!! JESSE ROCKS all the way!

  • Anonymous

    holy crap this song is catchyyyy=) I love beautiful soul, leavin, how do you sleep? and my favorite is body languge<3 and this song is amazing!!! even though its autotuned and just because he lost his looks i still think he’s amazing

  • Anonymous

    love the song he sings more mature

  • Anonymous

    ugh! i love all of his songs!
    if this comes out on his new cd along with other songs with this rhythm, i’ll buy it for sure!

  • Anonymous

    Just saying, his hair has been brown again for like two years… He’s naturally brunette.

  • Anonymous

    he is so much better than justin bieber.
    it’s just a shame bieber fans don’t see what i see ;|

  • Anonymous

    jmac é o melhor cantor do muuuuuuundo *-* , i love it <3

  • TheMelody

    This is really my usual style, but I still like it. Sure, he has changed, but he is still a great!

  • Anonymous

    Its a good song

  • Anonymous

    This is for the step up soundtrack not his new cd

  • Anonymous

    Hes so not ugly first of all! second of all, why would you guys want him to be in the beautiful soul era still? everyone grows up! look at miley cyrus. just saying!

  • carbomb__


  • Nikkie

    i love it! i have always been a huge fan of jesse and i am glad he is growing up with me. i feel like his new sound fits him, he couldn’t stay a little teeniebopper forever! :]

  • MollySmellsOfFlowers

    Lol I like jesse mccartney however this song is so no beautiful soul.
    “she makes your boy go up” ….

  • Anonymous

    its autotuned because its for step up/

    and step songs are always autotuned.

  • Anonymous

    he looks so ugly :( why is his hair brown?!

  • Dinoluverrr

    I remmeber he used to be a big hit back in 2006! Then the Jonas brothers came O__o

  • ammanda

    LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!

  • sucy

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  • LaLaLaLand

    Am i first?

  • LaLaLaLand

    yupp cool!

  • LoveToLove

    uuhhhgg to lazy to hear

  • xLOLAx

    What happened to him? I remember when “Beautiful Soul” came out and everyone was in love with him :)

  • gottalent?

    he still looks teeny

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3


    he used to be so cute. :(

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Holy autotune.

    When did he get ugly?

  • tessa

    What happened to him? I remember when “Beautiful Soul” came out and everyone was in love with him
    he changed. does this song sound ANYTHING like beautiful soul?? can u say autotuned?