Miranda Cosgrove iCarly Bedroom Reveal


Nickelodeon delivers a sizzling summer surprise as the mega-hit iCarly reveals Carly’s bedroom for the first time ever in an all-new special episode ‘iGot a Hot Room‘ on Friday, July 30 @ 8 PM: Spencer sets out to make Carly’s upcoming birthday the best she’s ever had, especially after having ruined her last one.

Spencer creates a special gift, a lamp made of gummy bears! Carly’s birthday fun is snuffed out when gummy bear lamp accidentally ignites and sets fire to her bedroom, destroying their grandmother’s irreplaceable antique watch..

..in the process. With the insurance money from the watch and help from Sam, Freddie and Gibby, Spencer builds Carly the coolest bedroom a girl could ever have. Clip under! Photo Credit: Lisa Rose/Nickelodeon

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I like Miley’s and Lilly bedroom better

  • Anonymous

    Bleh, nobody “stole” the room change idea from anybody. Television shows are filmed many months in advance and written even earlier. There’s no way the icarly people could have known what was going to happen on HM and copy it.

  • sucy

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  • Anonymous

    who cares about mileys and lilys room.it my be cool but carlys looks a whole lot better. and victorius is good but icarly is the number 1 tv show for kids so who cares!

  • Anonymous

    OmgZ!!!!I looovvve! icarly!!!And I love her room!!!I saw Miranda in person at BestBuy last year,and she signed my CD!!!!

  • Elizabeth Cooper

    Nickelodeon want’s to be just like Disney Channel. Icarly is copying the “room change” from Hannah Montana Forever… and Disney Channel is a lot better! I think that Miley & Lilys bedroom is a lot cooler… ;]

  • Anonymous

    Don’t care about iCarly. Oceanup needs to post more about Victoria Justice!
    lol please victoria justice is alot more annoying then miranda cosgrove. and thats saying something. honestly icarly > victorious. victorious is just a lame ass show.

  • Anonymous

    Are u serious? UR AN IDIOT!
    This episode was made BEFORE that stupid Hannah crap.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    http://www.oceanup.com/photogallery?nid=13757&fid=83189I love Spencer but he needs a haircut.

  • Elizabeth Cooper

    I can’t believe, Nickelodeon is always copying everything off Disney Channel, because they know Disney Channel is a lot better then them.So Icarly stole the idea of “room change” from Hannh Montana Forever… and it is true Miley and Lilys bedroom is a lot cooler! ;]

  • oneofakindxo

    who cares. -___-

  • Anonymous

    Love this room<3
    Love the show<3
    Miranda Cosgrove and Jenntte Mccurdy are real talented girls.

  • Natedogg

    I’m sure her and her blonde “friend” will be spending lots of time in that bed.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t care about iCarly. Oceanup needs to post more about Victoria Justice!

  • Jane Doe

    I like the purple wall……..

  • CupcakezLover

    Natedogg said:

    I’m sure her and her blonde “friend” will be spending lots of time in that bed.
    LMAO, I agree. :)

  • xxyoubelongwithmexx12

    Love the room! <3

  • MeenuD

    I like the color combos.

  • iMystified

    even thought I’m not really the “girly” type.
    I really want that room O.o