Zac Efron arriving at his hotel & taking pictures with many female fans wanting autographs, hugs and pictures in New York City on Monday. Photos: Fame + INF.

  • Zozinette

    CAN someone tell me where is Zac’s hotel? I am french and I’m in NY for one month and I would like to see him because it’s one of my biggest dream. Thanks a lot.

  • selena hq

    he is so freaking hot.

  • LoveToLove

    awww the photo with the little girl

  • themileylove

    someday im going to marry him.

  • JoickBelongs

    hot as fuck <333

  • Anonymous

    he has a boner

  • nemoh

    he’s fuckin hot.

  • -Jenii

    hottie <333

  • emilie1230

    i just recently seen him in westwod…………. he is soooooo cute;)

  • emilie1230

    i just recently seen him in westwod…………. he is soooooo cute;)

  • Anonymous

    omg!i see him on car! so handsome

  • Anonymous

    god he is so fucking hot

  • vintagexrose

    he’s soooo attractive, wish i was there.
    haha little girls going crazy over zac. xD

  • Anonymous

    soo hott

  • SimplyCT

    still looking good. ;)

  • Anonymous

    where in nyc was this?

  • NotPayingAttention

    why wouldn’t they?
    He is too gorgeus :)


    i wish i was there.

  • sucy

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  • Live Like There Is No Tomorrow

  • Watch your back

    …By young girls.

  • lindzz

    he is sooo handsome!!

  • girl crush mileyyyyy


  • Anonymous

    Watch your back said:

    …By young girls.
    I heard he had older women asking for autographs.

  • Amy

    Love him <3

  • gottalent?

    ya yumming for so bieber

  • picstoburn

    He’s in NY?? damn i need to meet him D:

  • Disdain

    Cute :)

  • No Bitchassness

    Mmmmmm so hot!