Justin Bieber Arrested For Hitting Puberty?

  • Anonymous

    ^^^^ he probably hasnt had a girlfriend, seeing as hes gay.

  • Anonymous

    I love What the Buck :) ?

  • JoickBelongs

    Anonymous said:
    He hasn’t hit it yet.


    he did, but it let him like that…

  • MollySmellsOfFlowers

    Woo. Buckleyy

  • x0obabi

    i cannot wait for the tour with Vita Chambers!!!

    Check her out already if you dont know her shes amazing!!


  • kayleim

    Wat the hell??? Justin Bieber got arrested for hitting puberty??? what the thats messed up

  • asmoothcriminal

    I love Michael Buckley. :D

  • Disbelieber

    LMFAOOOO, “…but he will not stop singing, SON OF A BITCH!” x) So much win.

  • austin19

    he finally got there?

  • yourloveismydrug


  • Anonymous

    he is gay lol not justin :) can’t you tell? everyone knows haha

  • Anonymous




    you know what .. this ‘what the buck’ guy likes teasing people cause HE CAN SEE HOW UGLY HE IS AND WANTS TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT HIMSELF. hes exactly like a bully ! justin is awesome <3 and taylor swift can atleast get a boyfriend .. I BET HE HASNT HAD A GIRLFRIEND IN OVER A DECADE! he might have to turn gay. JUSTIN IS NOT GAY. he is a fucking sexy machinnnneee <3

  • Anonymous

    He hasn’t hit it yet.

  • shadow

    It really looks like he’s arrested

  • Anonymous

    OU read the title you put
    frigin idiot .

  • Fiona

    LOL <3 What The Buck!
    and people shouldn’t hate. It’s not like he loves any star personally, he dislikes everyone in the same manner. One day he likes you and the next day he will bitch. It’s just for fun and entertaining, so chill.

  • Anonymous

    So is he trying to assume Justin might turn gay? Lmao!

  • SimplyCT

    Justin Bieber Arrested For Hitting Puberty?

    lmao. nice.

  • sucy

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  • suzii18023

    Oh justin the bad boy(:

  • Anonymous

    WHAT THE BUCK!!!! :D Love him.

  • Anonymous

    I seen this already on What The Buck Show..
    Really OU? -___-

  • Jenny’s Hacker

    iluvjb4ever123 from youtube is dead. SPREAD THE WORD. ;)

  • Jenny’s Hacker

    iluvjb4ever123 from youtube is dead. SPREAD THE WORD. ;)

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha that should happen :)

  • Belieber

    Why did you post this? Justin Bieber Arrested for Hitting Puberty? That’s just a joke, it’s not even NEWS. Also, you already posted this picture. I have no problem with What the Buck, but this is a celeb NEWS site, not a hating site.

  • Jenny’s Hacker

    Uhm.. iluvjb4ever123 (Jenny) is dead.. -__-

  • Anonymous

    haha how do people come up with this? Funny.

  • Disdain

    ANON POST!!! :D


  • -Jenii

    LOLL… I love WhattheBuck..He’s soo funny :D