Chloe Bridges Jake T Austin Fan Meetings


From Gonz: I met Chloe in Madrid, she’s really nice! Such an amazing girl and so beautiful! From Ashley: On Monday my sister, friend and I were coming down the escalator at the Freehold Mall in New Jersey. My sister starts saying why does that kid look exactly like Jake T. Austin?

Turns out it was really him so we went back upstairs to go find him with his mom and another actor in the Nancy Drew movie. He was with a mom and some other boys and he was really nice making conversation, no one seemed to notice him in the mall at all. He was really tan and tall!


  • Fiona

    WOW J.T. what happened boy??? You look so much older, lovin it ;)
    Anyway I’ve seen the boy who took the pic with Chloe a lot with other celebs, js

  • sucy

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  • RJ

    God DAMN, the boy’s changed drastically.
    And for the better ;’D

  • suckit

    j.t looks like really hot now and he has muscle

  • Anonymous

    HE IS SOOO FUCKING GORGEOUS!!! my god JAKE YOU HAVE GROWN UP! i dont know about you girls….but i would sooo suck his dick :P

  • urluvismydrugg

    no one seemed to notice him in the mall at all.

    well he’s not exactly the biggest star.

  • Anonymous

    omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jake t. austin is starting to look like a man, ow!!!!! he went from cute and adorable, to tall, thin, tan, and terrific.

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    whoa jake’s grown so much!

  • La2

    Oo la la, Jake T. Austin has grown so much!

  • embugg

    Jake is extremely tall.
    the boy stretched!!!
    i remember when he was only little like 3 years ago?