Blake Lively Chace Crawford TWELVE


Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Jessica Szohr, Michelle Trachtenberg + Nico Tortorella & Zoe Kravitz attended the premiere of Twelve in New York City on Thursday evening. Photos: Fame.


  • sucy

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  • .marcy.

    I love too much Blake, she is very beautiful and a good actress!!! Come to Italyyy!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    is it me or did she lose a good amount of weight? =\

    I liked her body before, she didn’t have the typical Hollywood body. She was tall, thin, and gorgeous BUT with curves

  • youhaveissues

    ugh… she makes me feel insecure.

  • youhaveissues

    hey xJonasXCandyx :).
    i love you icon ;D.

  • Anonymous

    Blake Lively makes every outfit look hella good! If I saw it on a hanger at a store I would never think about wearing it twice. Helllla lookin high-fashion

  • MeenuD

    Blake Lively is sooooo damn pretty.

  • FashionStar

    i think blake lively is the most beautiful of Gossip Girl
    any dress loks good on her
    she is gorgeus

  • Anonymous


    i want.

  • AnonymousJ

    Wow she has lost a hell of a lot of weight since season 2 of Gossip Girl…she was bulging out of her clothes before but she looks so nice and skinny now!

  • suckit

    blake’s dress looks pretty from the back but from the front not really. but her face looks pretty

  • Sarahhh

    Mmmmmmm. Chace! <3
    Blake looks gorgeous.

  • gottalent?

    I love this women, she can be real deep.

  • xJonasXCandyx


  • idkMyBFFjill

    michelle is rlly pale

  • blabla

    it’s funny how she doesn’t appear at her boyfriends premiere but at her best friend’s one. I like that, it’s annoying how so many girls prefer their boyfriends over their best friends

  • JaneaLynn

    Uhhhh! I want to be Blake Lively! How does she always look so amazing?! Like, if my sister came out of a dressing room wearing that dress, I probably say “WTF is that?! It’s ridiculous” but seeing a picture of her in it, I’m jealous. She even makes ponytails sexy :P

  • saywhaaat

    blake lively is so gorgeous! and chace crawford…daaaang!