When You Look Me In The Eyes TECHNO

By Amanda Omegle.

  • Anonymous

    I like it. Not better than the original, but it’s good in it’s own right. It’s fun to dance to this way. And to all of you who said it sounds like just another pop song now, are you kidding me? I love the Jonas Brothers, but it sounded like just another pop song before.

  • malu

    this is an epic fail, hunn. the original song was beautiful. and u just HAD to trash it. im tired of people ruining good songs. screw u amanda! the jonas brothers are WAAAAY better. period. :)

  • xoShannonxo


  • lillian

    ew. no. that’s. that’s just not right..

  • andreea94

    I thought this was gonna good like the remix .. but TOTAL FAIL , the original it’s awesome and beautiful ! No reason to make it like this .

  • Anonymous

    wow, wtf. the jonas brothers version was much much better.

    “you-ou-ou, youre much betterer” haha could help it

  • IfUSeekBritney

    The Original Was A Georgous Song and Was Beautifully Done
    And She Goes And RUins It??
    Well At Least It Wont Be In The Charts,Thats A Bonous Right?? :P

  • oxoemmaoxo

    She had to ruin the song.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    FAIL my friend, FAIL.

  • suzii18023

    ummm this sucked i hate it lol

  • ?

    WHY? Seriously, WHYYYY?

  • Anonymous

    Completely FAIL!

  • Anonymous

    She totally ruined the song! A beautiful song!

  • Anonymous

    I got to admit, before she even reached the chorus I was singing the original version in my head and completely tuning her out.

  • crazylady

    EW DNW
    I love techno but I hate remixes and this has gotta be the worst remix I’ve heard yet.
    I can’t bear to listen to the whole thing.

  • HayleyBee

    NO. Just… No.

  • JonasIsBest

    Awful. She wrecked an amazing song, turned it into an annoying, pop song. It was a beautiful song before. Why!?
    I thought this would be good. :/

  • xxloverxx

    HAHA Amanda Omegle LOOL http://www.omegle.com :)) xD

  • Mama V.

    I think your all jealous..she is beautiful and I loved her version of it…How old are all of you…….Go Mandee…..

  • Anonymous

    Who’s this bitch??? I HATE THIS VERSION!! SHE RUINED THE SONG!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • LitttleMathilde

    Horrible..Has she the right to do that ? …
    I prefer totally the Jonas Brothers’s song. <3

  • Anonymous

    Ok yea………wanna not mess up a Jonas original????

  • kristen gionta

    everyone can shut upppppp she is so good ! and beautiful. dont hate cause u aint !

  • Anonymous

    She is ruined this song. I hate it. It sounds like the rest of the crap that is out there today and I HATE IT

  • TheOne

    Lol i forgot about this JB song. hmm.

    oh ya… and SHE SUCKS.

  • Anonymous

    her version of the song is really good. everyone saying she is a slut needs to back off. you don’t even know her. Amanda is awesome.

  • Fiona

    way to kill a song -_-

  • Anonymous

    way to kill the damn song =/ the original is so a million times better

  • Anonymous

    This version of the song is such CRAP what a whore

  • NikkiJonas


    As much as I love techno, she totally ruined a perfectly good song. I dislike techno Jonas remakes. Remixes are good, but a remake is just….no, she has to go.

  • Anonymous

    whatta jokeee!
    she ruined itt!

  • superJOEman

    I think it’s nice. Joe will gonna love this!! ^^

  • Anonymous

    well that was bullsh*t.

  • Anonymous

    Wow first she is singing way too slow with a techno beat and she just messed it up !!
    And I do think is the worst remake techno ever !! Just because you are pretty and trying to be sex in the song does not make it good

  • Anonymous

    I need to listen the original version. RIGHT NOW.



    I need to listen the original version.


  • Anonymous

    She’s just a slut.
    Honestly like, wth? This is an adorable song written by the Jonas Brothers and she ruins it because she just wants to show off he fake boobs and fake tan. It’s this kind of pop that makes me lose all hope in the music industry.

  • Anonymous

    She just completely ruined the innocence and sincerity of this song. This song is so beautiful orginally and she turned into a sexy, playboy version or something. This is like a song to be played a weddings not to slow-grind to, what the heck?! Never again. Jonas songs cannot be covered like this.

  • emmabianca

    can’t beat the jonas brothers, they are like the beatles: no one can pull one of their songs off except for them.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely not as good as the original, but I still like it. And her name is actually Amanda Encore.

  • Anonymous

    Can you people be anymore bias? I thought it was decent!

  • Anonymous

    WTF? when you look me in the eyes es una cancion romantica y hermosa y ella la arruino!!!! volviendola una tonta cancion hecha de plastico ¬¬!! oseaaa!! veee arruina otras cancionessss OBVIO la version conlos JoBros es la unica i la mejor la cancion q yo conscoo y qe ess la k kualkier niña kieren k se la dediken ¬¬!! pinki vieja tarada! k le pasa! WHat’s the matter with you??

  • elliesaur

    Dayumm. Hold up on the posts, OU. :o

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Thats interesting… first?

  • Samantha

    Well… That was crap. Like, seriously. Dont try and re-make a Jonas song. Especially with this techno crap she just did. Ruined the song like Jedward SOS. *gag*

  • Katie

    I think I just threw up in my mouth after watching this. FAIL. :&

  • Anonymous

    first she showed them

  • Katie

    I think I just threw up in my mouth after watching this. FAIL. :&

  • Mahima


  • Anonymous

    first she showed them

  • Sarah

    Interesting. Never thought this would happen.

  • Cantbetammed

    WTF?This is a beautiful song and she makes it like every other pop song out there.No,what she did was just eww.Must listen to real version.