Zac Efron chewing on an toothpick in his gold frame aviator sunglasses as he heads to his Audi after dropping off sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens in Hollywood on Friday afternoon. Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    I saw Charlie St.Cloud tonight too! It was a little confusing but I thought it was pretty good. OMG zac efron is such a hottie and he looked so cute in the movie!!

  • Tokio Hotel is Love

    coolness! he has an audi:)
    & he’s such a hot, nice boyfriend!!

  • saywhaaat

    i think pretty much every girl can agree that zac efron is absoloutley perfect (look wise atleast)

  • smanies758

    I often read your blog and always find it very interesting. Thought it was about time i let you know…Keep up the great work

  • Anonymous

    hair ugly as sht. doesnt even look like him

  • Anonymous

    vanessa seems loyal to stay with him, after his visit with strippers and everything. and he knowss itt

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  • Anonymous

    Nice guy. I think.

  • adanian754

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  • Foxy

    raaaj in da house.

  • -Jenii

    Hott :) and I rlly liked Charlie St. Cloud even tho it was a lil confusing..

  • Anonymous


  • _leena

    So apparently it makes you cool not to do your hair … x) Well it does look good on him :P

  • sucy

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  • Amy

    Hottest guy ever. Hands down.

  • Illa

    I love that he drives an Audi<3 Sooo hott

  • Anonymous

    Vote for Jonas

    Come on..they need us rite now
    U can vote as much as 10 times per 30 min :)

  • Anonymous

    Tottally he is def the hottest mos sexy guy today!!!!



  • all for me

    I saw Charlie St. Cloud tonight and was well disappointed!! I should have seen Eclipse again instead…I still love zac tho!

  • ZanessaxJoenessa

    Its funny. I think Zac is protective of Vanessa. Vanessa keeps hanging out with her costars for rent, these 2 guys. & then I guess she was going out to lunch with them, & then Zac tagged along. & he was holding her hand really weird.

  • smilezbear

    Hot. :)
    I wanna’ see Charlie St. Cloud… I can’t wait.

    Zac is to die for.

    And while I’m here, did anyone else hear that story about some Beaver fan making fun of Nick’s diabetes? :O

    I really wanna know. :P


    I’m bored.

  • Anonymous

    he was so HOT in 17 again! 8->

  • Aryanna

    HOT. :P

  • superJOEman

    Just like JOE! Zac & Joe are toothpick studs! whahaha ^^

  • jannetgirl147

    hes cute

  • -YoursTruly

    Cutie with a buttie (; xD

  • NickjFTW

    TOOTHPICK STUD!!!! lmao!!!!
    Oceanup, you never cease to amuse me.

  • ElijahJones

    first? :)

  • ElijahJones

    first? :)

  • suzii18023

    haha nice(:

  • hunnybunches. :)

    ohmg; <3

  • Taylor.

    mmm i’ll put his toothpick in my mouth anytime.

  • Anonymous

    toothpick stud????

  • Anonymous

    he’s so hot. the end. <3

  • iloveyouux! :D

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Tottally he is def the hottest mos sexy guy today!!!!