Cody Simpson new tour dates: Fri. 7/30: Agawam, MA (Six Flags New England) Sat. 7/31: Philadelphia, PA (Penn’s Landing Great Plaza) Tues. 8/3: Jackson, NJ (Six Flags Great Adventure) Wed. 8/4: Austell, GA (Six Flags Over Georgia) Sat. 8/14: Louisville, KY (Oxmoor Center Mall) Thurs. 8/26: New York, NY (J-14’s In Tune:Rocks event, must win tickets to attend)

  • sucy

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  • Anonymous

    I love cody you people should leave him alone he deosnt do anything to you and how couldnt you love.. him!! and hes my boyfriend lol jk ( i wish )

  • Anonymous

    No cussing needed!!! He’s great.

  • CoDySiMpSoNlOvEr

    OMFG just because some people dont have a life they should just get over it cody is a talented teenager and most people are just jealous like the ones who diss him, his talent and his looks.

  • Anonymous

    i love cody and all u haterz need to back off what did cody ever do to u he is a good kid,singer,and person he is just liveing his dreams so back off 143 cody <3 :)

  • Ediee

    I like his music, he´s amazing

  • Lara

    I like him :D

  • Anonymous

    No cussing needed!!! He’s great!!

  • yelyah

    Lara said:

    I like him :D

  • maryrocklalapop

    who is he???

  • CoDySiMpSoNlOvEr


  • mrs simpson

    leave cody alone i love him im talkin 2 him he said “to plz leave him alone he is just trying to reach his dream ” how would u like it if u said that 2 u

  • Anonymous

    just shut th fuck up ur a hater u have not life go fuck someone bicth and dont mess with cody kayyy

  • suzii18023

    *barf* i hate this kid i will stab him with a fork till he stops singing

  • Anonymous

    do you ever clean it or something -_-

  • Letsgarchdemi


  • Anonymous

    His song is retarded and looks awkward in front of a camera. Sorry :/