Devon Werkheiser Sparks Will Fly LIVE

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap he’s hot! But when I look at his pretty face I just see little Ned haha. But this song is really good!

  • Anonymous

    ^^^^^ Seriously. lol

    Turned on. Love the harmonica. Love the voice. Love the song.

  • Anonymous

    whoa that’s weird haha! it’s really good though I just couldn’t picture him doing music because of the whole Ned’s Declassified thing but he’s really talented!

  • Anonymous

    wow. I was expecting something like bubblegum pop just because of the stereotype, but that was great. Amazing.

  • sucy

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  • kyoisorange

    when did he get hot?

  • Stella

    awh little ned grew up!! he actually sings very good, and i really liked the song. plus hes hot. haha:)

  • Anonymous

    Deevon *-*
    I really like this song !

  • Anonymous

    wow hes really good it shows how talented he is :)

  • Anonymous

    aww, he’s sweet, I like the song but not the harmonica. I miss Neds, it was so quirky and funny. It’s weird to think hes a year and half older than Nick though. He looks so young, I can sympathise, I’m 19 and still look 15

  • Ediee

    actually , I really like this song

  • 30secondstomarsforevr

    love him :D this is good

  • Anonymous

    Ned!!! How I’ve missed you. Haha.
    He’s cute. Not digging the harmonica though.

  • Anonymous

    He’s sooooo goood :O

  • Anonymous

    AAAAAAW! NED! its been awhile :DD love the song >.<

  • mileyluver15

    so fine love him!

  • brandi

    wow! he was really good!! i liked it!

  • iSpeak4mE

    damn! he can play more than one instrument at once, writes songs, has an amazing voice, and not to mention freaking good looking! new fave for sure

  • Letsgarchdemi

    he is not devon, he is ned :B!