Camp Rock 2 WAL-MART Soundcheck

  • superJOEman

    JOE on guitar is HOTNESS!!! <3
    Jemi were still together here, right?

  • sucy

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  • Anonymous

    I like how demi and joe dont make it seem akward…the best thing that could ever happen is if nick and demi happened..haha that would be a complete slap in the face to joe..i love joe but I reallllyyyyy want nemi to not going to the tour but I can’t wait to see the tour through videos on youtube and stuff :)

  • Anonymous

    for me…was nick looking at demi
    love nemi

  • LoveSemi

    Anonymous said:

    for me…was nick looking at demi
    love nemi



  • loading

    Ew. Demiiii!!! :D but demi & joe did makee a GREAT couple. Ugh what happened to them who broke up w who??

  • Anonymous

    Demi and her family are moving back to Texas in October??? Just read that on Madisons twitter, if true then she won’t be doing SWAC anymore as it’ll be a long way to commute. I wonder what’s going on and her plans for the future

  • Anonymous

    They seem to still be getting along fine, no akwardness and this was afer the breakup and just before her SA tour. I bet they agreed to take a break and then when Demi was in SA papa J called her and officially ended for Joe. That’s the only reason why I think they now seem more mad at each other than when it was suspected they first separated

  • xJonasXCandyx

    LOL,this was after the Jemi breakup.Awkward.

  • suzii18023


  • Anonymous

    The only good thing about that video was Nick on the drums.

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