Wouldn’t Change A Thing Polish Version

Beautiful song, every single country will be posted!

Ewa Farna & Kuba Molęda.

  • Anonymous

    ?licznie xd. <33

  • Anonymous

    Polish is kind of an ugly language.
    Like German it always sounds angry, even when what they are saying isn’t.

  • MissSmiley

    I wonder if there is a Croatian version? xD
    I seriously doubt it.
    And why the hell is there so many versions of this song? I don’t even like Camp Rock, idk why I’m commenting -.-‘

  • I’m from Poland

    “like fire and rain not chosen all the”(I do not know if I translated it well)

    “like Venus and Mars we from different stars”

    amazing song

  • Anonymous

    you;re a kind of a bitch and whore english is ugly ; english is for fat lazy people ; /

  • Anonymous

    Ewcia jest najlepsza !

  • Asiula

    <3 Polish version. i like it.

    ewa’s voice is amazing

  • anon

    Anonymous said:

    but maybe people from other countries care? D;



  • Anonymous

    dude looks like a ladyyyyy

  • Paulette

    Polish language is beautiful. ;/

  • Paulette

    ewa and kuba are so sweet!
    i love this song <3

  • Anonymous

    every single country will be posted!
    Yeey :|
    but it’s realy nice :D

  • Anonymous

    I like Czech version more … but Ewa is beautiful singer .. I love her!

  • Allyson

    I told you that this version is the best !

  • Anonymous

    hey it’s my country :D
    love that song ;D
    Eva is talented.

  • Anonymous

    this is the best version ever .
    yahhh . Polandddddddd <3

    You people don’t know …pfff.;x

  • _Saloqe

    Poland here?;D

    Przepi?kna wersja, Ewa jest niesamowita.

  • Anonymous

    The best version ever . <3
    Polanddddd . yeaah.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t really like her. Polish versions of anything are always so lame -.- but yeah, im proud of living here.

  • Anonymous

    The best version everrrr.
    Polanddddd .yeaaaaaaaah. :D

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Every single country will be posted

    UHUUUUL! Yay!

  • Anonymous

    german is ugly language…szwaby^^
    Polish is beautiful language in the world!

  • IfUSeekBritney

    I Think it’s pretty :)
    Soo Anyone Wanna Talk :P

  • me


  • NickjFTW

    Seriously OU???
    I DON’T CARE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah German is ugly. But Polish is beautiful.

    Jestem dumna :) Ewa jest cudowna :)

  • Anonymous

    I loveeeeeeeeeee Ewa :)

  • ann932

    yaay poland. it’s nice but please get over that couple disney.

  • Anonymous

    but maybe people from other countries care? D;

  • Aimee

    many countries only remake the songs so that it’s easier for the people there to understand the meaning of it. this one is okay. but it’s hard to appreciate a song that you don’t understand the lyrics to. i’m merely judging the voices, though i still think demi and joe are the real deal with this song.

  • Polish :) Josepha

    Polish language is little weird, is a Slavonic, so quite different from English and German. But German language is SO UGLY! ugh, english is beautiful :)
    i don’t like Ewa Farna, but quite i like it. I prefer english version – Joe and Demi <3
    Pozdro dla wszystkich Polaków <3

  • Alex

    I’m from Poland and I know, our language sounds so “angry” (as they said).
    I’m proud of Ewa and Kuba. They sound so good in this song. I don’t even heard this song in original version and I’m not gonna watch Camp Rock 2. But I’m proud of them ;)

  • superJOEman

    WOW. Now, Filipinos should also make a version!!! C’mon Filipino artists!! ^^

  • Anonymous

    this is the same girl (with the same outfit) as the other vid.

  • Pavlisa

    Ya…i love this cover,but czec version is so pretty:P he?

  • maryrocklalapop

    How dumb oceanup, its supposed to be every single language not country bcuz a lot of countries have the same language!

  • Anonymous

    Yay. I’m polish :D
    But I don’t like them or the song. lol.

  • Julianna

    every single country will be posted! -_- Yay.

  • Kristeels

    How many versions are there? :o

  • Anonymous


  • Maris ?

    Is it really necessary to post all the versions OU? smh

  • Chanel13_


  • yellowbag

    I love the meaning of this song…haha

  • JBiebLove


  • Anonymous


  • bluesfan3410

    I’ve never heard any version of this song

  • carlie

    this version is beautiful but i prefer original by Jemi :)
    btw i’m from Poland :) and polish language maybe it’s quite strange for another countries but i love it!

  • Anonymous

    Polish is the best !!:)