• N1996

    College,So She Can Have Smothing To Fall Back On :) And When She Finshies College She Continues With Acting.

  • Anonymous

    If acting is her passion, then she shoul stick to it.

    I didn’t watch the video.

  • Mikayla

    College, because you suck at acting.

  • Anonymous

    College for sure. You never know how far you can go with acting and at least if she can do college she can go back to acting and do mature roles for movies. Hopefully Demi, Miley and Selena do the same. Good luck Megan

  • AlwaystheTruth

    I like her

  • amelie.

    She seems really nice.

  • Anonymous

    I love herrr!
    So whatever her choice is I’ll support her.

    But she does sound like Kristin Cavallari in this video. I thought I was the only one who noticed, hahah.

  • Srahx3

    She seems cool
    twitter;; @Srahx3

  • Anonymousey 4 Bieber

    I don’t know how much money she earns, and if her parents are the type to take a majority of it, but based on those other Hollywood horror stories, I would choose college.

  • bluesfan3410

    I would pick acting.

  • Samantha

    Her voice sounds like Kristin Cavallari in this!

  • Alexis

    Samantha said:

    Her voice sounds like Kristin Cavallari in this!

    OMGEE I WAS JUST THINKING THAT! LOL.. i was like hmmm… lemme check the comments to see if anyone thought the same :)

  • ellygance

    College. :P

  • suzii18023

    come on acting!(:

  • Anonymous

    College :)

  • MeenuD

    Go for acting, of course. Duh. But if she’s a good actress she can get back to acting after college.

  • outrageousx


  • suckit

    omg same icon^^^^

  • suckit

    never mind i forgot i changed it