Vanessa Hudgens Sweatpant Coffee Stop


Vanessa Hudgens wearing sweatpants and a tank top as she grabbed a cup of coffee with friends in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon. Photo Credit Limelight.

  • xoShannonxo

    I’m gonna try something guys..

  • xoShannonxo

  • xoShannonxo


  • suzii18023

    shes so pretty(:

  • harrypotterbitches

    shes gorgeous.

  • RiannaBlok

    why are her sweatpants that long? :|

    overall she looks very pretty..
    love the shades!!

  • xpeaceebiatch

    Vanessa is SO beautiful! Gosh I love her.

  • sammmyy


  • .Truth.

    She’s so pretty. But I wish she cut her hair like in 2007. She looked so nice!

    I wish she did have a different hairstyle. She’s always the same way. :/
    And it’s a shame, because she’es gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Those are her Rent costars. Vanessa always looks pretty.

  • Dont Judge

    I like her glasses, but thats as close as i will ever get of liking this girl. She is pretty though, I will give her that. Now.. Where is ZAC?

  • Anonymous

    btw, for those of you asking, zac is not in rent.

  • paperheartsx3x3

    Very Cute!

    formspring me

  • ZanessaxJoenessa

    She looks soo pretty :)\
    & yeah she keeps hanging out with that
    guy. Maybe thats why Zac had to go to lunch
    with her & that guy… :(

  • sucy

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  • Kailey

    because she can pull it off. She dresses cute. I love her top. I do not like how she wears all of her pants soooo long though.

  • LittleBrownBag

    I adore her<3 shes my idol.(:

  • LittleBrownBag

    I adore her<3 shes my idol.(:

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    Umm where da fuck is Zac? and what is up with that other dude? o.O

  • mileyluver15

    shes soo pretty i love her style,her hair,her boyfriend her life,her smile,her everything except shes short lol.

  • mileyluver15

    oh and shes soo skinny!

  • Anonymous

    Shhe dresses like a bum and yet people say she has amazing style. I don’t get it lol

  • MeenuD

    Where’s Zac? I’m loving that guy more and more each day.

  • Anonymous
  • xoShannonxo


  • Anonymous

    MeenuD said:

    Where’s Zac? I’m loving that guy more and more each day
    They were having lunch a couple of days ago.

  • coolkinda

    She looks pretty :) first!

  • Anonymous

    3rd or 4th!


    i got spammed
    WHAT GIVES?!?!

  • Hangover

    Her sunglasses are so cute.

  • SimplyCT

    she’s gorgeous. :)

  • Anonymous

    I like that she make simple dress look like fashion.

  • Catarina

    I don’t know why but I like her more now then in the HSM days !