Camp Rock 2 Soundtrack THE REST

Do YOU like the songs?

  • alyshamarie

    i love tear it down :) im in that scene :)

  • Anonymous

    i love jonas and demi, and introduncing me is realy cute but we have to admit the songs are not that got and in some cases camp rock 1 songs were better tanh camp rock 2

  • Daydreamer…..

    hehe That song is so adorable. I know it’s cheesy, but his voice is so sweet in it and that’s all that counts. xD haha

  • Anonymous

    wouldn’t change a thing, you’re my favorite song, brand new day, introducing me and different summers.

  • Karli

    Is Introducing Me sped up or is it supposed to be like that?

  • AAC

    I like Introducing Me. I don’t know why but it’s cute.

  • incredibleDemi

    “And if you wanna know, here it goes, gonna tell you. There’s a part of me that shows, if you’re close, gonna let you see everything.”

  • yajaira

    i like it !

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Like all of demi’s and jb song hate Meghans mdots whatever his name is

  • Anonymous

    haha he sings introducing me like he’s f*cking nervous.

    But i Love The Songs of this movie. They’re better than the last one. :D

  • -YoursTruly


  • -YoursTruly


  • -YoursTruly


  • CrazyJonasFan1993

    I love them

  • CrazyJonasFan1993

    I love them

  • xHisGirlFriday

    “otherwise it smells like feet to me.”

    What lyrical genious wrote that?

  • JBiebLove

    dude, that part is funny.

  • anoniem

    hate it.
    but absolutely LOVE demi lovato and jonas brothers. they are amazing , i love those people. so talented,funny and unique


  • demi is my girl crush

    nick has thing for feet. moon looks like a toenail. lol

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