• Anonymous

    Debby looks beautiful.

  • -Jenii

    I kinda like Allison S. but Debby annoys me. I dunno why

  • N1996

    Debby Ryan Looks Stunning *_*

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Debby dress, she looks to dressed up.

  • No Bitchassness

    Debby needs to fix the hair, looks like a bad perm

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    Debby Ryan looks like a mess. Surprise surprise.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Oceanup, this is Alyson’s movie so the least you could do is put her as the main picture on this post, not Debby Ryan who has nothing to do with the movie. Gosh!

    Anyways, Alyson looks beautiful. My brother has a HUGE crush on her. lol

  • sophieee

    Debby good for once.
    No more prom dresses :D

  • gottalent?

    _Tiger_ said:
    Why do they ruin things by putting them in 3D

    IKR, the only movie that’s awesome in 3D was Avatar.

  • Katie13

    I don’t know why but Debby annoys me
    Alyson looks pretty

  • RjsOffTheChain

    I have to agree with N1996.
    Debby rocked it.
    Now, the one who’s taken on to Prom Dresses is Allisyn Arm. :/
    But, she’s not even a big fart.
    She’s not a millionaire that can afford anything like the Head Bitches in Charge in Disney, Selena and Miley.

  • xHisGirlFriday

    Why is a dance movie in 3D? I can understand putting certain movies in 3D, but a dancing one, really?

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    Alyson looks great. She could have put make up on those bruises from rehearsal.
    Debby needs to remove the bangs. At least she isn’t dressing like she is going to a baseball game or the prom anymore. SMH.
    Alyson Ashley Arm = HOT ASS MESS. That is all.
    The other one is too irrelevant for me to even judge her stripper attire. NEXT.

  • sophieee

    Allisyn Arm looks like Avril Lavigne gave her all her old clothes.

  • xoShannonxo

    Debby looks like a hooker, a 70s hooker. With the hair. The only person that’s stunning to me is the last girl.


    why do i really don’t like debby ryan .. i really ask that to myself , she’s like so .. i don’t know

  • vonvonbon

    Allisyn Arm looks like Avril Lavigne gave her all her old clothes.

    ha that’s exactly what i was thinking lol

  • VioletHan

    Love all their dresses.

    But, a movie about dancing shouldn’t be in 3D.
    It’ll just suck.

  • Becca_

    Debby looks like a mini-hooker.

  • mileyluver15

    eww debby looks like shes from the 70s eww eww and the girl from sonnny looks like a hot mess they all look back except alyson stoner looks okay but too much face makeup and her legs have lots of bites and scars on them :( poor girl

  • dreamoutloud

    are you kidding me?? Debby looks absolutely GORGEOUS!He hair looks great,i love her outfit and she’s got big lips..so what?it makes her even PRETTIER.I don’t know how you can say she doesn’t look good.She improved a lot.And I don’t really like Alyson’s outfit but..whatever.

  • mileyluver15

    i love alyson stoner i wish i heard more about her on OU.

  • dreamoutloud

    I meant Zora

  • Anonymousssss

    good god wtf is with debbys hair. it’s like a texan mother’s hairstyle gone wrong. (which means it’s SUPER wrong because a texan mother’s hairstyle is already wrong to begin with.)

  • Fiona

    I actually like Deby’s outfit, and I think I have Zora’s shoes in silver.

    I discovered this new movie coming out in September it reminds me of Mean Girls and I know lots of girls on this site like that movie so… Check it Out!
    Btw It’s called “Easy A”

  • Danger-ous

    Those girls are straight up busted. Damn.

  • _Tiger_

    Why do they ruin things by putting them in 3D?

  • jonastwilight_girl

    i like alysons dress

  • entwinedintime

    debby ryan irks the shit out of me. she seems cocky and are her lips naturally like that or does she poke them out purposely, if so, stop.

  • anna.xoxo14

    debby ryan irks the shit out of me. she seems cocky and are her lips naturally like that or does she poke them out purposely, if so, stop.

    It’s the Disney duck face :p

  • gottalent?

    My fav was Moose in step up 2.
    He’s so cute that he’s fine.

  • Hangover

    Alyson looks lovely<3
    Where is my BB Ádam Sevani:(

  • :D

    Alyson looks great but she should have worn panty hose or put makeup on that scar.

  • jonastwilight_girl

    didnt notice the scar,
    ive got one like that but it isnt red anymore

  • kitkat

    I like Debby’s dress but that hair has got to go. There is always at least one thing wrong with all her red carpet looks lol.

  • Anonymous

    what happened to alysons shin?!

  • anesud
  • sucy

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  • Anonymous

    God everyone stop trash talkign Debby, “Shes to dressed up” “Finally shes stopped wearing prom dresses to premiertes”
    Well what would YOU where to a premiere my friend?

    Debby is stunning in her own way, she has her own style. why should she follow everyone else!