Camp Rock 2 8560 Sunset Blvd Billboard


Via @DisneyStarFacts.

  • Your Mom Was Here

    If I was passing by I would be like wtf?
    That billboard stands out.. damn

  • Krisssy

    For some reason I dont believe this…besides the billboard next to it just randomly stops o.o


    dudes, that looks totally fake lmfao.

  • Signorina. aNonimo

    Joe is huge…lol

    I would prefer to see him as an underwear model on a billboard…like in times square…but this will have to do!

  • Anonymous


  • RjsOffTheChain


  • Camz.

    it’s kind of giant.

  • Anonymous

    haha, its a master piece ;]
    but the other one on the right kinda ruined it, lmao.

  • Jane Doe

    Kind of?

  • Jafnoiffbag

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  • Anonymous

    Gez, could it get ANY bigger?

  • JoickBelongs


  • itsaimeenotamy

    it looks fake like someone photoshopped it or something

  • LiveLaughLove

    Eh… Its so hot today!!! @_@

  • elliesaur

    I would be kind of creeped out to see a HUGE billboard of *me*.

  • Anonymous

    It looks cool.I want to see it in LA.But,i will defently will watch it for sure.I love Camp Rock one and Two.But,i have to see the Camp Rock 2.I think Jonas LA is the best for now.And, Camp Rock 2 needs to be here already.

  • Anonymous

    this looks shopped.

  • Anonymous

    well that looks obnoxious hahah

  • andangr2424

    i guess that town town relly appreceates camp rock! i tired of the commericals!

  • Anonymous

    thats true i thought the ssame thing that, the colors do not go. The lighting is incorrect it has to be photshopped

  • hostgator

    HI awesome forum glad to be here:)

  • Itskait

    Hot damn that thing is massive

  • Peace.Love.Smiles


  • urluvismydrugg


  • xLOLAx

    LOVE your icon! He is soooo hot<3

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait until this Camp Rock shit is over.

  • Ignorance01

    Holy shit 0.0

  • Anonymous

    its fake, i past that street an hour ago, plus notice how bright it is and how dark the real wold is

  • suzii18023

    ha nice its huge lol

  • ms.sunshine


  • N1996

    They DESERVE This :)

  • Fiona

    DAYUUM it’s so big (lol that sounded wrong), but is it that famous/important to have so much space

  • melanie

    It seems fake, and why would they do that? I love the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato but that would be way to big.

  • Anonymous

    This is photoshopped

  • Anonymous

    Wish it was like a photo where we could cut Demis head out of it and just leave the Jo Bros then it would be great. Stupid Camp Rock we have to put up with her hanging off them for another how many months?

  • itsaimeenotamy


  • Jane Doe

    oh wow

  • gabbster

    so this is news?….

  • gabbster

    such a bad picture too.

  • itsaimeenotamy

    hey my first time being first…lol

  • Jane Doe

    I didn’t get first this time.

  • Anonymous

    oh lalala

  • itsaimeenotamy

    Aug 4, 2010 @ 05:11 pm
    Jane Doe said:

    I didn’t get first this time.
    D:< — im sorry

  • Jane Doe

    It’s ok.

  • Jane Doe

    Such a horrible picture of them all…

  • superJOEman

    NICE! But it’s really not their best picture.

  • Hilary

    it seems so fake