Glee cast attended Fox All Star Party at The Santa Monica Pier on August 2.

  • Rich Port

    ALRIGHT! glee finally makes an appearance in OU! i agree! glee needs its own category!

  • Anonymous

    can you stop comparing. demi and lea are both great. grow up seriously. leave them alone. there both beautiful and talented people im so sick of people comparing everyone. everyone is doing their own thing and are different from each other.stop all the comparing shit its pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    i’m sorry but she is not pretty

  • Anonymous


  • MollySmellsOfFlowers

    Leeaaaa <3 Makes my life

  • Live Like There Is No Tomorrow

    glee needs a category!!!

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY a glee post!! Keep it up OU! And make a darn category for them will ya?! >:D

  • Gleekedout

    Im going to agree with every one else with glee needing its own category


  • Your Mom Was Here

    yeah Glee needs its own category! please ou

  • imaGLEEK

    She looked amazing!!!I love her!!!

    OU, more Glee please and Lea deserves a category :|

  • Anonymous

    Finally, you’re posting more Glee posts. Keep it up OU!
    BTW, Lea looks gorgeous! I love it when her hair is nice and flowing like that.

  • DavidArchiefan

    I <3 her..She deserves the Emmy

  • Anonymous

    Glee should have its own category just like Lea and Cory deserve their own categories.

  • Anonymousey 4 Bieber

    Get your party on, Lea…

  • Anonymous

    Guurl got some pipes

  • Anonymous

    Give Glee its own category. If you can give an overrated movie series like Twilight its own category, then you can definitely give one to a great TV show like Glee.

    Hear what I’m saying? Please the Gleeks just as much as you try pleasing the Twihards.

  • Anonymous

    Someone give Lea Michele a recording contract. She’s definitely talented enough for one.

  • suzii18023

    Glee!!!!Shes sp pretty(: love the dress

  • CupcakezLover

    I love her sfm. Yes, there needs to be more Glee posts!!

  • sammmyy

    HER DRESS<33333

  • Gleeks Unite

    No, she is not pretty. She is gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does Lea Michele resemble Demi Lovato a little bit in looks and singing?

  • LetsJumpTheSun

    I love Lea<3

  • Anonymous

    Well at least you didn’t put Lea under “Golden Girls” like you put Cory Monteith under “Random Dudes”.

  • twycgnb

    glee needs it’s own category.

  • Anonymous

    I love Lea! I prefer her singing than I would any Disney actress.

  • HBIC

    Give Glee and Lea a category, OU :) Lea’s got the pipes!

    And I agree. She’s not pretty, she’s gorgeousss :D I love that she’s beautiful, but doesn’t look generic. Makes her 10 times more attractive.

  • HBIC

    Is it just me or does Lea Michele resemble Demi Lovato a little bit in looks and singing?

    Noo! Lea > Demi. :[

  • Anonymous

    Time of the month is it?

  • Gleekedout


  • Anonymous

    POST MORE GLEE!!!!!!

  • xHisGirlFriday

    Lea looks amazing.
    I now miss Glee though..

  • Julianna

    Oceanup I love you posting this.

  • gottalent?


  • -Jenii

    Cant wait till the next season of glee starts <333

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  • Anonymous

    Oh maaaan. Therrree hellla finee <3

  • SmoochieCakes
  • gottalent?

    Anyone know her here?