David Archuleta Something ‘Bout Love Vid

  • superJOEman

    Nice! Archie is back!!!! <3

  • La2


  • gloria

    oh my geeeee <3 LOVE IT <3 <3 MY BABY LOOKS SO MATURE <3 HIS SMILE makes me melt…

  • gloria

    I freaking love it <3 he looks so mature <3 <3

  • kathykenss

    Exactly:) He didnt let hollywood go to his head.
    He looks suuuuppppperrr good <33333

  • Anonymous

    I love this song so much. Love the video and David’s smile at the end is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    AMAZING.. 5 Star He’s Hot

  • Geovanna

    I would marry David, I love him so

  • Katy

    I want to be his best friend so badly. He’s my favorite. I love him.

  • Anonymous

    david is awesome singer in the world. i really like the video but the song is about a girl, not bunch of people dancing and or playing basketball, i really think the song is about his “supposed” girlfriend charice and it must be a really special song for david personally.

  • Anonymous

    Looooved it!

  • Anonymous

    its something about David Archuleta that´s make me smile :)

  • Anonymous1

    Love this song and vid and love David!

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or is he getting really hot?

  • Kelli

    Love this song!! David is soo cute.

  • suzii18023

    he sings so good!(:

  • areyouonDOPE…


  • Anonymous

    oooo i love the song!!
    he is soo cute i love his smile :D

  • WOW

    He is gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Love David, love the song, love the video! He’s hot!

  • Anonymous

    Has anybody noticed that all the comments are positive? It’s because David has continued to impress us and hasn’t had any rumors about doing something bad….that’s cause David is a perfect example of what singers should be

  • Anonymous

    David wrote the lyrics to this song. And it’s natural that he’s the narrator of the story. Love this song so much and the video only enhances the beauty of the song! Can’t wait to hear all the songs on his new CD! Love you David!

  • BonusJonas

    Yeah, damn him for trying to teach us to be a better person instead of how to throw a party at Usher’s house when Usher is away.

  • Anonymous

    I love how this song has a good message, it’s not just about being in love but spreading love and being around those you care and love about that’s why David is amazing human being :) gosh him and his meaningful messages! Haha I love this boy so much <3. HE’S THE BEST ROLE MODEL EVER

  • Anonymous

    Oh David. I love you. <33333

  • Anonymous

    Oh David. I love you. <33333333333

  • Sweetdisposition?


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Lookin’ good, David. ;)

  • BananaMontana

    I need this video on my iPhone NOW. Love it.

  • Anonymous

    Love it so much :) David looks gorgeous and his brother Daniel is in there too during the basketball scene!

  • Jasmine

    He is amazing. He never lets his fans down. He really knows how to put the right amount of emotion into it. Love it! :)