Wild Child ABC FAMILY Sunday, Aug. 8

ABC Family presents the television premiere of ‘Wild Child‘ starring Emma Roberts, Natasha Richardson (in her last on-screen performance), Nick Frost and Aidan Quinn on Sunday, Aug. 8 (8 PM – 10 PM ET/PT).

Wild Child’ will premiere during ABC Family’s 10-day summer programming event ‘Campus Crush’ (Aug. 1 – Aug. 10). Emma stars as 16-year-old Poppy, an LA teen diva who does what she wants whenever she wants. But after an over-the-top prank pushes her father (Quinn) one step too far she finds herself..

..shipped off to the one place where everything will change, British boarding school. No cell phones, no designer clothes.. no way. Desperate to break free, she sets in motion the ultimate escape plan involving the son (Alex Pettyfer) of the head mistress (Richardson), only to discover that this could be the reason she wants to stay. Movie trailer under! ~Advertorial.

  • Regii

    i saw this 5 times already lol.

  • Katie13

    Wait America is just getting this now?
    It’s been out for a good two years Now….In England anyways :/

  • RoseL

    I love that movie!

  • Anonymous

    Are they actualy serious that’s a relly old movie everyones seen it how are they only premering it now

  • Anonymous

    We’re not just getting it, it is just now showing on TV. We have had it since about October or 2009 I would say.

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Saw this movie when it came out,like two years ago.

  • Katrina

    I’ve since it. It’s already out on DVD. Love it though.

  • Anonymous

    oceanup, incase you didnt know. this movie came out like freaking two years ago. whats with the hype?

  • babe ruthless

    Katie13 said:
    Wait America is just getting this now?
    It’s been out for a good two years Now….In England anyways :/
    In France too !

  • ButterflyFlyAway

    TV premiere? I saw it on a channel like back in March…

  • SparksFly

    i have this on dvd seen it agesss ago lol.

  • _liesyoutold

    favorite movie. <3

  • ABCFamily

    Sounds like a lot of you already LOVE the movie since you have it on DVD? Did you watch again last night anyway? I actually work with ABC Family but either way, I can never change the channel when one of my favorite movies is on. What is your favorite part?

  • Anonymous

    I like this movie so much. :)

  • (:

    OMG.I remember when this movie just came out,lovvvee it

  • adrianaavL

    i don’t get why there making such a big deal out of this..

  • Anonymous

    the best movie eveerr..! :))
    i’ve also it on dvd, bought it about a year ago.. :)^^

  • Sandrine

    wacthin campus crush on abc family.. rite now freaky friday!

  • Anonymous


  • BirthdayCake

    I don’t think that she was right for the part. She couldn’t really pull off the whole wild child thing.

  • suzii18023

    haha i love this movie especially alex pettyfer is in it<33333(:

  • Anonymous

    I saw this in the theatres when i was in England 2 years ago

  • Anonymous

    i loooooooove this movie!
    i have it on DVD! it’s amazing <33
    emma roberts is amazing and alex pettyfer is so damn HOT! hahahaha

  • firstkisstwistt

    Natasha Richardson (in her last on-screen performance)

    I still can’t believe she died. I can’t believe ANY of the famous people died so suddenly. Especially Michael Jackson and Patrick Swayze<3
    R.I.P. :/

  • diane n.

    wow, i watched this when it came out… like two years ago.

  • Anonymous


  • Orlaith

    Yeah I watched it ages ago as well :)

  • NotPayingAttention

    I like that movie :)

  • firstkisstwistt

    It came out 2 years ago?
    Anyway, I want to see this.

  • firstkisstwistt

    It came out 2 years ago?
    Anyway, I want to see this.

  • Mia .. <3

    thats an old movie …
    but lookin 4word 2 watching it again

  • xHisGirlFriday

    I love me some Alex Pettyfer!

  • Anonymous

    I <3 thiiisss film !
    I got it for christmas the year it came out on dvd. ;D .