Taylor Swift starring in Valentine’s Day sequel New Year’s Eve? A source told E! Online: ‘They were thinking about having Taylor Swift be in college at NYU. They were throwing her name out there a while back. I don’t think Taylor Lautner would come back. They only mentioned Taylor Swift, and she’s not even in right now.’


  • Anonymous

    i hope not. that movie sucked and the acting sucked.

  • uhejqlb

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  • Anonymous

    They had a great cast but Taylor Swift’s acting didn’t serve the movie any justice. I’m sorry, she’s just not a good actress, at all..

  • JBShawty

    really? i acually like the movie but the acting doesnt really suck

  • kathyfong


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  • sophieee

    I know she’s not a very good actress, but I like seeing her dumb character :)

  • Anonymous

    It would be absolutely amazing if they returned! and I REALLY HOPE they have longer scenes!

    Also…that would mean Taylor Squared. But Taylor L’s way too good for Taylor S.

  • Anonymous

    i love TaySquared! Naw Taylor Swift is amazing ! they’re good together
    i hope they get back together…<3

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I actually loved the first movie. Since we were both single losers at the time, I saw it with my best friend on Valentine’s Day.
    I’d love a sequel :)

  • NotPayingAttention

    I love Taylor
    yeah maybe Id watch the second one,
    and maybe not depends if the story revolves (again) around a bunch of people celebrating a holiday.then no.

  • swiftie04

    Its not taylor lautner, just taylor swift they were talking about

  • xoShannonxo

    Damn, first again

  • swiftie04

    I love Taylor
    yeah maybe Id watch the second one,
    and maybe not depends if the story revolves (again) around a bunch of people celebrating a holiday.then no
    it does :P its New Years Eve

  • REEZ


  • swiftie04

    Yes Yes this should happen :) gotta love t-swizzle she was hilarious in the the first one :)

  • KittieJ

    The thing about the Taylors in the first movie is that they really didn’t fit in that well. All of the other characters were really closely related, but you could tell the Taylors were only in there because they’re so famous. I hope that isn’t what happens this time around.