Do YOU like it?

  • Anonymous

    I think I like it.

  • Anonymous

    love it :) she looks really good.

  • Anonymous

    What time are the TCA’s in America?
    They arent on til tomorrow at 8 or 9 but im pretty sure its 8

  • _-_-_

    Demi Lovato?!

  • Anonymous

    i didnt think she was pretty whatsoever before… now i think she is

  • Jane Doe

    iSarcasticING said:

    what’s with every disney girl dying their hair. demi, debby, ashley. kinda weird. she looks cute though


    What’s wrong with dying their hair?

  • Anonymous


  • CORD


  • Anonymous

    Everyone follow @DebbyRyan4Ellen to help get Debby on Ellen!

  • ms.sunshine

    she looks amazing, STAY like this =D

  • iLiketoSmile

    She looks better like this

  • tanziexx

    I Like blonde Better
    anyways she looks Good In any Color
    I <3 debby!

  • itsglam


  • Anonymous

    Amen to that

  • Ilovenicholasjonas.

    I like it:)

  • picstoburn

    WOW finally.i remember when i said i was tired of her having blonde hair.

  • heartinvasion?

    what’s with every disney girl dying their hair. demi, debby, ashley. kinda weird. she looks cute though.

    Girls dye their hair. Who the fuck are you to judge?

  • natjbguitargirl

    with her it’ll never change her look at all it just works with watever style she chooses its cute though

  • ellygance

    Well hey, she looks good.

  • jonasss

    MUCH BETTER. Looks a lot nicer on her. Kind of makes her look older.

  • ButterflyFlyAway

    she is pretty and all, but I don’t really like her

  • Anonymous

    looks great whatever if shes happy with it.

  • heartinvasion?

    What time are the TCA’s in America?

  • -JulieSmile-

    Looks wayyyyyyyy Better.

  • Anonymous

    Suits her better.

  • BirthdayCake

    awe she looks so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    she looks waaaaaay better! i thought her hair was naturally blonde… lol.. guess not!

  • heartinvasion?

    She looks so pretty.
    She still sorta makes me twitch though.

  • beautifullydisturbedxx

    i like itttt(:

  • Anonymous

    It looks waayyy better. :)

  • Anonymous

    She reminds me of that Ana Perez girl from camp rock…i dont remember her name sorry…she’s the one that plays Ella

  • bluesfan3410

    ugh not spamming!


  • Jane Doe

    It actually looks better.

  • hotlikemexico

    Kind of reminds me of Demi..?

    But yet again, I always saw a bit of a Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez resemblance..

  • CatchMeIfYouCan

    looks more natural

  • iSarcasticING

    what’s with every disney girl dying their hair. demi, debby, ashley. kinda weird. she looks cute though.

  • sucy

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  • debbyryanchick

    its ok i kinda lie the other color better

  • Anonymous

    This is one sexy bitch. I bet she love sex. I’d love to have her sucking my dick with her big sexy lips and I’d come all in her mouth and over her massive boobs. She’d love to be fucked. I’d bang her pussy so hard and fast all night long.

  • never change

    it’s alright

  • Anonymous

    LOVE IT! finnallyyyyyyyyyy a debby post.

  • Anonymous

    i like this is her natural hair!

  • Tasha

    She looks so pretty.

    Her natural hair color is this kind of caramel mousy brown. I love her blonde hair, but this dark hair is a whole new light to her, it makes her look much older. I love it. I cant wait to see a photoshoot with her hair like this!

  • sophieee

    her hair always looked so boring.
    She kinda looks like Lucy Hale now..

  • gottalent?

    Wow it’s great for her, seems more natural really.

  • alyjen

    This photo is cute, it reminds me as a profile picture someone would have on facebook

    ~ You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter ~

  • suzii18023

    it looks really pretty and great i love it(:

  • Anonymous

    I always thought she was pretty,but I agree brunette suits her better :).

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Shes really pretty :)

  • Hilary


  • carys

    its pretty [:

  • egy97

    awww pretty :)