Nicole Anderson On Nick/ Macy Jonas LA

  • Anonymous

    accused at 17 was horrible i laughed the whole fucking movie this bitch can’t act

  • Grace

    I love the second season, if ur saying she can’t act STFU, I love Nacy and i luv her. :)

  • BurninUp4Joe

    I like Nick & Macy 2gether, but i also think Joe & Macy would be cute, i don’t like Vanessa either

  • Anonymous

    Season 1 wouldve been better if kevin wasn’t “dumb” that was cringe worthy.
    Season 2 is better..but the jonas brothers just should not have a show.

  • L.Dazzle

    I prefered Season 1
    And I prefered Macy in Season 1 too

  • Anonymous

    i hate nacy.
    i think kacy(kevin and macy)would be cute.
    season one FTW.

  • cornpopsboiii

    I don’t really like “nacy” I wanted them to break up
    I like Joe and Stella better

  • Geovanna

    My mother also loves it hahaha

  • Juanmiguel

    Firstttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I used to like macy in the first season but now she got so serious. =/

  • lazarre10174

    I love her. She’s just gorgeous and I love Nick and Macy’s relationship. It’s cute. Season 2 is sooo much better than season 1 :)

  • lazarre10174

    Ohh I was 3rd! and Nicole is gorgeous! Don’t know how many times I have to say it. She should do more serious roles outside of disney like accused at 17. I hope mean girls 2 will be good!

  • lazarre10174

    ^^ and forth. Dead much??

  • sophieee

    i liked season 1 better :/
    season 2 is just all relationship crap….

  • Jessi Slaughter

    JONAS L.A. sucks already..
    Season 1 is better.
    Season 2 is just drama and relationship..
    I miss the old Disney.
    Who else does?

  • ljs1202

    Yeah, this season started out promising, but is kinda boring now and I hate this Vanessa chick. Season 1 was silly & goofy & that’s what we love about these boys! And Joe’s hair was better! LOL!

  • Geovanna

    Oh Nicole, much love

  • Geovanna

    she is so cute, my Inspiration