JONAS LA Direct To Video Ep. 9 Promo

  • alltherightmoves.

    THE DAD IS BACK!!!!!!1!!!!1!

  • iSarcasticING

    go to go clean upers… see ya later!

  • Srahx3

    aww i feel sorry for kevin :( :p
    haha and frankie get one ur age :p:p xx

  • sophieee

    And aww Kevin is so adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Incest is when you fall in love Or have sex with a family member. Pedophile is an adult sexually attracted to a young child. If you were trying to make a joke about the frankie and macy thing i think you used the wrong word.

  • sucy

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  • MallaM


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    Good luck xoxo

  • superJOEman

    Poor Kevin..
    And does this mean that Frankie likes Macy??? haha

  • stori39

    Kevin’s face at the end… Awwww…. =(

  • kay


  • Melissa


  • Anonymous

    Awww poor Kevin and Frankie get it.Lol

  • xpeaceebiatch

    it looks like this episode will be mostly about Kevin! :D awh can’t wait :P

  • Anonymous

    lol poor little frankie! i have to see how this goes down ;)

  • JonasandMileyPones

    Poor Kev.

    Everybody join!

  • iSarcasticING

    please don’t try to put kevin in the drama… it’s just a directing job.. no drama to it.. just stick with nacy and joe and whatever his girlfriends name is. because seriously there is no drama in directing a video.

  • MeenuD

    My Mac… FFFUUUU