David Henrie MTV 10 ON TOP

  • Obvious

    Really David? haha you love Selena rigth? :D

  • Anonymous

    Dalena FTW

  • Anonymous

    David and Selena shoukd Date now

  • obvious

    Lol David thinks on Selena xD

  • Anonymous

    selena is funny

  • sucy

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  • Anonymous

    hahahh selena is SO cute and cool, i’d kill to be friends with her.
    oh, and they should date RIGHT ABOUT NOW.
    they’re so cute ;) and david dated Lucy Hale, who looks exactly like selena.

  • xobuhdkuaw

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  • Anonymous1000

    He’s so much better when he’s not stoned. Keep it clean, d! Say no to peer pressure!

  • rainbowskies

    I love Delena :D

  • carbomb__

    Ugh. I’m such a dalena shipper. :D

  • Anonymous

    hahhahahhahhaha i guess its kinda cute… hahhaha that was great. LOVE him.

  • Anonymous


  • oneofakindxo


  • Anonymous

    I think he’s on drugs.

  • LoveToLove


  • _liesyoutold

    Dalena. <3