Demi, ‘Camp Rock 2 Has Emotional Songs’

Demi Lovato told MTV: ‘I’m really excited for fans to hear pretty much all the songs. A lot of the songs are really fun and they’re dance songs, but there’s also songs that are kind of emotional. ‘It’s Not Too Late,’ I really enjoyed singing it. I loved performing it. And also ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’ is a song that’s really fun to perform because I really get to showcase my voice. ‘Wouldn’t Change..

..A Thing’ sounds really great [performed live]. And it’s fun too. We’re having a good time with it.. You know, not all of the songs are emotional because it’s a Disney musical movie, so we like to keep it really upbeat, especially when it’s aged towards a younger demographic.

Kids lose interest, so you have to keep it upbeat, but sometimes there are times where we pay more attention to the older crowd and one of the songs being ‘It’s Not Too Late.’ Even though it’s not my song that I wrote or even that’s going to be on my album, I’m able to put my personal experiences into it. I really enjoy singing, whether it’s my own songs or other people’s songs.’

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    Dead post? yup.

  • eury

    ella es mi diosa coronada

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    i love her

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    Hi everyone, please check out my acapella cover of ‘World Of Chances’ by Demi Lovato. I have other covers up as well. It would mean alot too me. (:

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    wooooh! :)

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    her eyebrows are flawlesss.

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    Shes Really Pretty

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    demi is so pretty(:

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    your mom has emotional songs!

  • heartinvasion?

    The songs are dumb compared to the first movie.
    I’m not watching it -_-
    Disney is just a huge fail now.

  • Srahx3

    love tha songs <3
    im not in the mood for watchin this vid :p:p

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    One was enough though…

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    she’s hawt

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    She looks beautiful!

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    Awww..”It’s Not Too Late” is a beautiful song. :))

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    love her! lover voice and music..

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    ella es mi diosa coronada

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    she’s beautiful.

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    I’m excited to see a more dramatic side of CR :)