Jake T. Austin Talks Future Plans

  • sucy

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  • Anonymous

    i think this dude does drugs ..we will see what happens when he hits 18 lol

  • Anonymous

    he lives in my area. he does drugs and so do his friends. he is hot though but i dont think he will get much hotter.

  • seoerjiang

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  • soselenasexy

    Hes like kinda hot LOL

  • ellygance


  • all for me

    he always looks stoned to me

  • Anonymous101

    ahh i was think the something :))

  • Jane Doe


  • ellygance

    Hehe, you’re 3rd.

  • Anonymous

    first and hes cute

  • Anonymous

    first and he is cute

  • Jane Doe

    ellygance said:

    Hehe, you’re 3rd.

  • suzii18023

    he is so cuteeeeee(:haa

  • sophieee

    he seems like that person who thinks he’s cool.

  • Anonymous

    OMgeee he looks like a mini zac efron!
    wait till he gets older:))!