• Aw

    this was so adorable and funny
    can’t wait to see the episode(:

  • Anonymous

    why does everyone think hot in cleveland is a movie? rofl! it’s a tv series!

  • bluesfan3410
  • Anonymous

    Joe is a cute bitch! <3 LOVE HIM! I miss this kind of Joe! xD “HE IS SOO CUTE!” xD

  • Anonymous

    Haha I love her! I can’t wait to see Joe in this, ‘you know it’s not cursing if you say a letter, mum’. I find it ironic me and my own mum had this conversation last night and I happened to say the exact same thing. ( and yes I’m English I spell it mum not mom)

  • Batssss

    I love this and guys… Hot In Cleveland is a show! lmao, it’s a really good one too :)

    The episode with him in it comes out tomorrow in the states and it comes out in Canada 3 or 4 weeks from now.. I’m not sure.. If you do live in Canada it plays on CTV on Monday nights and we’re about 3 or 4 episodes behind. If you’re in the USA, it plays on Wednesday nights on TV land.

    AND JOE IS ADORABLE!! I love him and Valerie Bertinelli! They’re so cute! They have a good chemistry :)

  • Anonymous

    I Love Joe.He is so hot and i love his hair.But, at least he is trying his best to act.And,i can’t wait until Tomorrow night to watch it.He is so cool and sweet.And, someday Jonas Brothers will leave disney.I just have to enjoy it for now.

  • ThaNameIsMimi

    Haha, that was cute!
    But when does this episode come on?

  • Bre

    lol i love this! The episode comes on TOMORROW guys. And it’s a show NOT.A.MOVIE. lol #crazypeople

    I loved the OMFG comment xD

  • hithere

    joe looks hot but, hahahaha this looks so fake! i didnt like it.. and when the woman puts her hands on him he is like: “ha ha, ok you can take your hands off me now..” lol at 1:08!

  • Anonymous

    He’s a sweetheart!

  • Srahx3

    i like his new hair cut.. its more mature :)
    but a guy needs to be funny xD and he is (sometimes) :p
    im not a fan of jb but they are cool :)

  • Becca.

    Haha oh Joe <3
    Wow I haven’t been on here in forever since I went to the beach…I’ve missed out on everything!

  • xJonasXCandyx

    1:02-1:05 LMAO

  • Anika

    wow, looks like he actually did a really good job!
    i guess he just couldn’t show his talent in those damn
    disney series/movies!

  • Anonymous

    Valerie is right..Joe is ADORABLE!!!

    I can’t wait for tomorrow night.

  • heartinvasion?

    Wait, he’s going to be in a movie?
    LMFAO. Can’t wait to see his acting skills.
    He needs to leave Disney anyway.

  • Kristeels

    aw :) I like his humour

  • Anonymous


  • AlwaystheTruth

    lol she looks in love with him! aww that was too adorable. can’t wait to see him in this

  • Anonymous

    Joe’s a good actor but he needs to start acting in other places trying different things.

  • Anonymous

    she keeps on touching his face!!!! ahaha she seems to love him

  • sophieee

    when does this come out??

  • TSLove

    After she takes her hands off his face he’s facial expression is like ‘ha.don’t touch my face.ever.’

  • Camz.

    i hope he gets more opportunities like this one, so he can get deeper into acting instead of just the generic and mediocre requirements of Disney.

  • Anonymous

    He needs acting classes.

  • Anonymous

    If i was her man I would be doing that too lol

  • jdjfwmy

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  • heartinvasion?

    Eh, is there another post?

  • jannetgirl147


  • suzii18023

    haha no facial hair oh joe(: that was funny

  • Anonymous


  • Oneandonly

    Wow adorable!!!!!!!!!! I still live the jonas brothers even if there is no jonas brothers anymore

  • SavannahBabe


  • Jane Doe


  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    That was cute

  • Anjhanee

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  • Becca.

    Haha oh Joe <3
    Wow I haven’t been on here in forever since I went to the beach…I’ve missed out on everything!

  • superJOEman

    Anonymous said:

    she keeps on touching his face!!!! ahaha she seems to love him
    haha, right! She can’t resist Joe’s cuteness!!! <3