Zac Efron Pumping Gas & Reading Script


Zac Efron stopped at a LA gas station to refuel his Audi today. He read a script while he completed his pumping action. Zac recently visited the Hollywood Bowl where he tipped girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens for her performance on the catwalk in Rent where she played Mimi the prostitute. Photos: Fame.


    hot is not enough for zac. OH MY.

  • hahahehe

    haha! his tags are late… later than mine. I don’t feel so bad now.

  • No Bitchassness

    Hahaha.. Oceanup are actually quite witty

  • egy97

    hotnesss haha i wonder what script he’s reading….

  • Kathryn=)

    ok ummmm mimi is not a prostitute. she’s a burlesque dancer who has AIDS and is addicted to heroin.

  • zanessalove327

    I believe, from what I’ve heard, it’s probably the script for The Lucky One. I also heard it will be filmed in Louisiana. Which is where I live so…inside..I’m freaking out…but trying not to make a big deal over it on here. ;0 Which by the way…is hard to do. Anywayyy, anyone herad more about it being filmed in Louisiana? I wanna know if its anywhere near where I live..

  • Kathryn=)

    ok ummmm mimi is not a prostitute. she’s a burlesque dancer who has AIDS and is addicted to heroin.

  • Anonymous

    No, oceanup, Mimi is not a prostitute. She’s a stripper. There’s a difference :|

  • xLOLAx

    Oceanup, Mimi (vanessa’s role) is a stripper not a prostitute! Get your shit straight

  • Anonymous

    Pumping action?

  • StillThereForme

    HOT <3

  • Laurenge


    Zac Efron as Light Yagami will be one of the most interesting and hilarious things I will ever see.


  • SavannahBabe


  • Asiula
  • Anonymous

    Anyone play neopets?
    Yes? Then join my Zac guild!
    Feel free to just check it out:

  • daisyyy_

    zac efron<3

  • gfppiv

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  • Anonymous

    The role of Mimi in Rent was a STRIPPER not a hooker.

  • suzii18023

    FIRST!:D he is hotttttt(;

  • ellygance


  • Jane Doe


  • ellygance

    Yay you’re 3rd. :P

  • Anonymous

    aww cute

  • TSLove

    “Pumping action”

  • Anonymous

    mimi is a stripper, not a prostitute.
    cmon OU.

  • Anonymous

    He’s cute! He seems like such a good guy.

    But he needs to ditch the weird looking jeans. Leave those to Nick Jonas.

  • Moonbeam

    Ha ha, that was cute when he tipped Nessa.

  • nemoh

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