Brenda Song Blackberry Torch LAUNCH


Brenda Song @ Blackberry Torch Launch Party in LA. Photos: INF.

  • La2

    She’s so pretty >.<

  • emma13

    damn she is soo pretty. wow she really is like the prettiest disney star imo.

  • .Truth.

    love brenda.

    i wish she got more recognition.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder who is the designer of her dress…

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  • Ignorance01

    Is she wearing only one ear piece??

  • jackie.r.

    so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    brenda fans don’t visit oceanup… SHOCKER!

  • vrqccrnn

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  • Anonymous



    I love her dress…and her earrings….and her clutch….. :)

  • hanni

    fucking foreigners! they come to our country to tramp around and steal our jobs! go back to whatever rock you crawled from, brenda. no one gives a fuck about these foreigners! fucking asians. fuck those tramps! cunts!

    they should be wiping our asses, working for us as slaves, not the other way around.. attending our events, stealing our money, wearing designer clothes, getting stalked by paparazzi. FUCK HER! fuck FOREIGNERS!

  • Anonymous


  • Fiona

    love Brenda Song, and I saw the commercial for the Blackberry Tourch yesterday; looks pretty cool

  • Fiona

    btw i like her outfit

  • iSarcasticING

    another brenda song post that’s dead… shocker.

  • Anonymous

    iSarcasticING said:

    another brenda song post that’s dead… shocker.
    oceanup doesn’t post pictures of brenda hoping that tweenyboppers come to chat with each other about random stuff irrelevant to brenda. 99.99% of the comments on the posts that aren’t dead are about random stuff irrelevant the to topic, like ”OMG I just got braces” and ”OMFG I start school next week’.
    Do you actually believe gossip sites give a fuck about which post their readers choose to turn into a personal chat room? most sites likejust jared jr, dont have these stupid chat rooms.

    the main purpose of gossip sites is to receive lots of hits, lots of page views on all of their posts, not count how many comments each post has.

    if oceanup was successful (had lots of readers), it would be on Google News by now, but truthfully speaking it’s NOT. It’s just a random tween celebrity gossip site, Jonas/Miley stans go on to chat with each other about random shit. It’s no where as successful as sites like Just Jared.
    Go back to chatting about your pajamas. Oceanup posts about brenda because she brings in page views. that’s the only thing that matters to them, not where you tweenies are chatting!

  • Anonymous

    she’s so pretty. i love her smile when her teeth show lol.

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  • Sunny

    Shes GORGEOUS.

  • MileysWorld

    She’s such a cutie:)

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  • DemiBrendDebbyFan


  • Jane Doe


  • Dumaaa ?

    I want the BB Torch so bad, but I’m not with AT&T. :\

  • DemiBrendDebbyFan

    Dumaaa ? said:

    I want the BB Torch so bad, but I’m not with AT&T. :\

    me too

  • Anonymous


    this site had to choose the worst picture.

  • partyindabaham

    Drop dead gorgeous! Love BS!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see her new movies! and i can’t wait to see her at the 2011 Oscars!

  • suzii18023

    brenda is so pretty(:

  • Anonymous

    i love her. she’s my girl crush!!!

  • Anonymous

    any one else think at&t is full of it..i bought an lg neon and it cuts off all the time eghh but brenda looks really pretty