• superJOEman

    Nice. They’re both grown up young men now. :’)

  • Quina

    What the heck that isn’t kim the actress that does the mom why would they put someone else that is just wrong

  • vcdsqz

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  • Anonymous

    so sad :(

  • sucy

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  • Stephx

    i am sooo sad it is ending :( i feel like i am gonna cry lol :( :(

  • Anonymous

    its sad the suite life is end. the twins are young men now and handsome .cole is so hot,i love him.

  • ms.sunshine

    awwwwwwwwwww nooo =”(
    that’s like one of my favorites shows i love them =C

  • Fiona

    awww I’m going to miss this show so much :'( I’ve watched their show since “Suite Life”
    What’s Disney going to do when all their good shows end: Hannah Montanna, Suite Life, WOWP, JONAS L.A. that other new show I’ve seen pics of looks lame :/

  • Anonymous

    Times gone by so fast :’/. <3

  • Ashe Cyrus Jonas

    It’s the end :(

  • Anonymous

    awww :(

  • Anonymous


    i’m going to miss then when it ends

  • staradollastar1

    Awww that stinks :[

    I saw other pics on youtube.

    The mom looks different.

  • Anonymous

    Aweee, I think I’m going to cry. This is so sad… I love them so much.


  • Anonymous

    awww im really gonna miss this show
    Dylan looks hot