Taylor Swift BOWLS OVER Justin Bieber


Taylor Swift topped Justin Bieber winning the 2010 celebrity nomination into the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in a hotly contested race to forever secure her place in bowling history [613,324 votes to 608,015 votes].

Swift and Bieber were among nine celebrity nominees selected by the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America (BPAA) for their public support of bowling. ‘ Taylor Swift perfectly represents the current face of bowling, especially as the sport enjoys unprecedented growth in popularity among youth, women and..

..young adults. While we are grateful to Justin Bieber and all of our candidates for their enthusiasm for our great sport, we are tremendously proud to welcome her as our celebrity inductee into the Hall of Fame and we extend our deepest congratulations to her and the hundreds of thousands of fans who cast votes on her behalf.’


  • La2

    What. The. F.ck.

  • MallaM

    Love them! (:

  • MallaM


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  • sucy

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  • anna.xoxo14

    Well thats random. But yay for Taylor!

  • Anonymous

    i’ve never seen anything from either of them about bowling. it’s always been jobros and selena……..

  • Stephanie.

    heartinvasion? said:
    Swift > Bieber. ANYDAY OF THE WEEK.
    AGREED! :D

  • xcarrx92

    bowling huh?

  • Anonymous

    i love justin!

  • suzii18023

    haa i like the picture(:

  • nikole13


  • Swiftygal

    Come on ocenaup..post some exciting things about taylor.. i dont really care for biebs…

  • AnonLovesPretzels

    Taylor Swift BOWLS OVER Justin Bieber

    Aww, I thought they ment it literally. Damn :(

  • kkbieberfever

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  • asaine302

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  • SparksFly

    Awesome, yay taylor! :)

  • andales843

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  • Anonymous

    Props to them for doing so well.

    but, meh, I dislike them both…

  • heartinvasion?

    Swift > Bieber. ANYDAY OF THE WEEK.

  • alyjen

    Oceanup is really really slow. I saw this post like 7 hours ago on google news, like serioulsy? google news?

  • RachConfound

    Props to them for doing so well.

    but, meh, I dislike them both…

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymousssssss

    I TOTALLY thought the title was “Taylor Swift BLOWS Justin Bieber”.

    Horrible, horrible mental images.


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  • KittieJ

    I guess maybe because of the Baby video Bieber was nominated, but why Taylor?

  • milenator

    ^ LMFAO

    this story really isnt relevant to me and Im bored

  • amelie.

    they look like brother & sister.

  • lovelyy

    okay then

  • lovelyy

    okay then

  • Anonymous

    uuuhh.. what?

  • lovelyy

    oops double post!

  • -JulieSmile-

    LoveLoveLove The Picture.

  • SiezeTheDay

    I tried reading it…I got bored. I gave up xD

  • ChanandlerBong

    ‘In many ways Taylor Swift perfectly represents the current face of bowling”

    Love that quote!

  • ForeverandAlwayss

    that picture is cute. (: