Savannah Outen Teenage Dream COVER

  • Anonymous

    I know, right? She’s really cool.

  • Anonymous

    Love her

  • edlbjqo

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  • Bridgettt

    oh shit. mutha fucka’s good.

  • KristinaMarie559

    I used to be obsessed with her.

  • Anonymous

    shes amazing love you savannah!

  • sucy

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  • SavannahRocks

    The first time I listened to her was listening to her song, “Fighting For My Life”. She’s pretty awesome. She reminds me of Aly & A.J. , who agrees?

  • Anonymous

    I like her version better than the girl from Victorious :P

  • Yo.

    That was pretty awesome :)

  • anne

    you rock girl :)!
    great version love it !

  • itzabieberthing

    Wow she is really good … =] seriously… ;)

  • Serenity

    Awesome REally good she talented. i think she is better doing these kind of songs:)

  • Watch your back

    Sounds good ^^

  • hithere

    good singer.. but why is she always here? i dont know who she is… :)

  • Anonymous

    Shes an Almost famous YouTube Singer From Portland Oregon, She has been on Disney Channel (Radio Disney Commercial) and has been mentioned by Miley Cyrus.

  • Hollieluvsux

    Who is she ?!

  • Anonymous

    AMAZING! :) shes so awesome! I can’t wait for her album debut!

  • Anonymous

    I think she kinda screams. I dn’t really like this. :D

  • SoRawSUgAr

    I like her <3

  • CupcakezLover

    She’s really good. IDK why, but I can’t get myself to like her.

  • peacelovehearts

    Idk who she is, but she looks like Lo Bosworth

  • Anonymous

    She sings this song amazingly good she has such a powerful voice:)