Sterling Knight Jesse McCartney Out In LA


Sterling Knight smoking a cigarette while talking with actress Briana Evigan outside of Las Palmas night club in Hollywood, Saturday night. Jesse McCartney hit up BOA steakhouse West Hollywood. Fame, PacificCoastNews.

  • Yo.

    Okaay, is it just me or does he look like her hasn’t slept for day O_o

  • Disney Secrets Gal

    Well obviously he’s allowed to smoke, he’s over the age limit.
    But it IS disgusting, so don’t defend him if an y fan loses some respect.

  • Yo.

    To be honest, i was turned of the first time i saw him smile -_-

  • GleeTimeRush

    Wow I used 2 b obsessed with Sterling, after seeing this I don’t like him too much. I mean I know he’s at legal age but he still represents Disney. I just bumped up Logan Henderson to number 1

  • Anon ii masu

    Gross. Smoking is such a turn off. I know this really hot blond nurse (28) who smokes, and I HATE IT!!! It ruins his hotness.

    He is dreamy though, and so is Sterling.

    P.S. No you can’t have pics. :)

  • Anonymous

    He is of age, lots of celebrities smoke.

  • Anonymous

    Just because he represents Disney doesn’t mean he can’t smoke. I think it gives Sterling some edge. People need to quit thinking that Disney Channel stars need to be little angels.

  • Anonymous

    awhh that is so disappointing

  • nemoh

    Tha fuck?! He smokes? o_0

  • Anonymous

    i always knew he smoked

  • ilovedemilovato

    I don’t think Demi should kiss him anymore…. :|

  • gottalent?

    One thing is I’LL never smoke, if a see one next to me and some one offer i’ll just scream and STOP,DROP,AND ROLL.

  • lauragxo

    well i always knew he smoked :D

  • Anonymous

    Smoking is NOT sexy!! -___-
    I wonder if he’ll smell all gross when he and Demi kiss on SWAC?
    …*shudders* ick!

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does he kinda look like spencer pratt in the main picture? :P

  • Anonymous

    he smokes.. no wonder why ashley broke up with him. bleh. and jesse mccartney is an annoying shiz.

  • gottalent?

    No her whole laps are showing.

  • Anonymous

    NOOOO I hate people who smoke. It’s gross! And soooo unattractive!

  • Christine

    Jesse McCartney keeps getting better and better! Stay tuned for his NEW single and album this year! He’s going to ROCK the charts!
    TWITTER: @JMacDaily

  • SparksFly

    Didn’t know he smoked.

  • gottalent?

    Wow now he has to explain that to disney.

  • Anonymous

    who gives q shit if he smokes? hes an adult

  • ForeverandAlwayss

    oh well.

  • pceloveguitar

    smoking is such a turn off.
    he just lost a few points.
    but he’s still hottt ;D

  • yesaella


  • GleeTimeRush

    Is it just me or does it look like he’s saying “shit” cuz the paparazzi caught him smoking lol

  • Nikoo

    That’s what I thought at first, or he’s saying suuureeeee, cuz the girl is looking at him funny

  • Anonymous

    so what if he smokes. Miley smokes.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like aaron or nick carter hahaha

  • Anonymous

    I actually find him more attractive after seeing this picture.

  • Anonymous

    haha i love everyone saying “who cares if he smokes” . . . no one does, people are just expressing their opinion that smoking is a turnoff.

    and hes of age? theres no legal age for smoking, only buying cigaretts . . .

  • Nikoo

    Is that a dog in that lady’s arms? Or a demented piece of bread, or a purse? :)

  • lindaknight

    well, he smokes.. thats too bad, but yah he’s allowed, maybe he was holding it for someone else? haha no forget it :(

  • Jen

    I used to think he was SOOOO hot but ever since I’ve seen photos of him drinking & smoking & being a loser on YouTube I’m totally off him. If you are a Disney star, you need to act the part, especially in public. If you don’t want to, then quit Disney.

  • JJAY

    well NOT COOL NOT COOL AT ALL but there worese things he can do like go to drugs etc.. its his life after all i addimet that i had NO idea but i didn’t take it as a shock coz a lot of ppl smoke even my parents smoke and its like no big deal plus like i said a person can do worse things in this world if he smokes that’s his bussiens and if a person smoke that’s like not bad to the other stuff that is going around the world so chill ok but he should really cut low its a bad habbit. i really want to know didney’s rection tom this coz they think that all their starts are angels in fact they are soo not they think coz the person work for them he should be a little angel 2 me that’s so fake u should be u and sterling was caught smoking bif woop that’s not the end of the world now we know the truth and he showed a side that we never saw before a bad boy?? idk..but at least he is not fake and he prentend to be a angel and the truth is he is not he is 21 or 22 he has a life u know and that’s privat give it a rest paprazzi

  • Anonymous

    gottalent? said:
    No her whole laps are showing.


    it’s a minidress, which means it’s SMALL. and besides, it looks great on her. she has nice legs and it’s probably boiling out there, too. there are worse dresses out there, so i don’t know what the hell your problem is..

  • Anonymous

    what r u talking about?????????

  • Anonymous

    So whatever?
    Can’t he smoke or what?
    It doesn’t make him less attractive
    Jesus =.=
    Nowadays everyone smokes, it’s OK

  • Anonymous

    Y R U DEFENDING HIM.You Like Smokers Anonymous

  • Anonymous


  • anonymoose

    sterling nite can do whateve he wants 2 do its his life and he grown up so leaf him a lone and disdiney sholdnt caire bout n e thing butt his ackting so all u haders shut ur moths

  • Anonymous

    YES i ws talkin to u.ONE thing r u a girl????

  • Sunny

    he smokes?
    i guess he can, he’s an adult and all so its alright, and his life he can do whatever he wants with it, but still…really unattractive and REALLY not cool :/

  • SparksWillFly

    I never knew he smokes? wow didn’t expect that

  • jenny

    HEY!! wht happened 2 “girls make me nervous”

  • Anonymous

    wow people you are so ..
    it’s he’s life and isn’t disgusting
    he’s 21! i still like him
    really how old are you?

  • purplekoolaid

    I saw that sterling kid at the club last week actually ahhahaha. it was weird seeing a disney kid smoke and drink. plus he looks about 14 years old in real life.

  • Anonymous

    Y R U DEFENDING HIM. You like Smokers Anonymous


    R u talking to me??? No I do not like smokers, but you shouldn’t be giving him shit because he does! Not all Disney stars are perfect little saints u know? Some people just wanna be let off that chain and live their lives (the way they want to live it) And sorry about the “f**k get over thing” I was pissed off at that time. Hope this clears it up 4 u! :p

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha i knew he smokes lol so does David Henry hahah lots of Disney stars smoke AND drink. just cause Disney owns them doesn’t mean they aren’t human lol he is super sweet in person though. he deffinety doesn’t smell like smoke he actually smells good!

  • Anonymous

    BIG DEAL IF HE SMOKES!!!!!!! He’s a human being. And what the f**k is with the ‘Disney won’t like it thing’? F**K YOU GET OVER IT!!!!!

  • sucy

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  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does it look like he’s saying “shit” cuz the paparazzi caught him smoking lol
    hahi thought the same

  • mSwe

    Oh noooo, now im sad :(
    I thought he was attractive but now… I still like him but…, i did not thought that he was a person that smoked. He doesn’t look like a guy that does…
    Bad sterling BAAAD

  • xForeverLovato

    he smokes?
    well, he’s old enough so i guess he can do what he wants.
    still love him{:

  • Anonymous

    I was just watching sonny with a chance earlier and my sister told me about this… i now look at him differently…I cant believe he smokes. Thats so stupid of him!

  • xxyoubelongwithmexx12

    Yuck! Major turn off! and I thought that girl was ashley tisdale for a second haha

  • Rose

    I totally agree! Yuck!

  • Tracy

    He smokes. OMJ!! Total turn off. OKAY OVER HIM!!!!!

  • xxgloriabieberx

    Sterling Smokes -_-

  • xxgloriabieberx

    im first yahhh

  • Nikoo

    Wow…….I knew Sterling had smoked in that one picture on Oceanup, but I hadn’t seen him do it since……wow this is kind of a turnoff;when Channy kisses, it’ll still be cute though. I mean think about it, Demi dates bad boys with tattoos, obviously they smoke/do drugs. I just don’t like that Sterling goes to clubs, drinks, and then drives. On Youtube, he even lent a lighter to a guy outside of the club, and I just don’t like his friends, especially Ryan Pinkston; there’s a picture of him, Kendall Schmidt, and Ryan, and a bunch of other of his friends, all giving the birdie to the camera; BTW, does anyone think he looks like Jesse mcCartney in the pics from afar, they have the same hair and black shirt, so they look similar; also ever since the Jo Bros concert, I’ve kind of liked him less, and am more for Nemi :)

  • NikBubz

    such a turn off.
    sorry sterling, but no.

  • IfUSeekBritney

    He Smokes??
    Oh..Okay,He’s Of Age I Guess He Can Do What Ever He Wants

  • Cay

    He looks hiiiigghhhh.

  • Viloet

    Yeah i know right

  • LovatoJonass

    Lmfao never knew he smoked.

  • Tammie

    I thought he’s dreamy and cute, but smoking is really disguesting!

  • gottalent?

    OOOO hell no, that girl needs to cover up it’s not no stripper club.

  • Crystal

    He is of age. Hes like 21. But he just became so unattractive because he smokes.

  • emma

    Tell me about it – I used to find him kinda cute….but i really dislike smokers!

  • Anonymous

    wtf are you talking about gottalent? she is covered

  • Anonymous

    A little surprised he smokes.. and he looks really pised

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  • urluvismydrugg

    eww. no sterling. ):
    smoking is disgusting! sure he’s a big boy and can do what he wants, but it’s still ugly.

  • all for me

    ewww what happen to Jesse McCartney?

  • yerii

    this is not new guys! i found a picture of him smoking wen he was younger -_-

  • lmaobecky

    woah woah.. he smokes? O_O

  • Anonymous

    Aug 16, 2010 @ 10:51 am
    ilovedemilovato said:
    I don’t think Demi should kiss him anymore…. :|
    Yeah…But i still think Channy is great /: but.. still.. this is suchaa turnoff… -_-

  • Anonymous

    Really people who cares, it’s his life. Lots of unfamous people smoke too. There are worse things he could do. For example he could be in jail like a certain former disney star Lindsey Lohan.