Wouldn’t Change A Thing Portugal Version

Needs more versions!

  • Anonymous

    I’m brazilian, and I understand Portuguese, cause I speak Portuguese, but it’s so strange, cause it seems a diff language (:

  • Anonymous

    O que é parvo? haha

  • Mafalda

    mia rose is amazing and joe jonas looks freaking hot in that pic

  • Anonymous

    ora bem isto é a voz da Mia Rose misturada com a do Joe Jonas porque??????
    há muitos cantores em portugal????
    acho um pouco “parvo” cantarem em portugues e inglÊs ou é 100% portugues ou não é…. assim fica estupida a musica

  • Anonymous

    I care , i live in Portugal so (;

  • Jarya

    I’m portuguese and I love this version of song

    Mia Rose <3

  • Anonymous

    Wow Mia Rose sang so good :D Go Mia <3 Portugal forever :)

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    I can never get used to the REAL Portuguese. The one they speak in Portugal. I can understand but I have to pay close attention.

  • Joannah Jonas

    I like this version.
    I think the Mia Rose voice is perfect here and the Joe too.

    I love the official version, but this is so beautiful too *.*

  • Anonymous

    I love this version and I care as well as many other people “iloveyouux” ! She amazing and have someone representing our country <3

  • Anonymous

    I love this version, and I’m portuguese, so I care! This is way better than the original. And it’s weird for me to say this ’cause I like Demi Lovato… Anyway PORTUGAL ROCKS <3

  • Anonymous

    I’m brazilian and …. PORTUGAL ROCKS! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!

  • Jarya

    http://www.youtube.com/user/miaarose#p/a —> Mia Rose’s channel

  • Anonymous

    i really like this version.
    she’s so awesome, and i’m portuguese too, so i care!

  • patricercc

    the original version is so much better.

  • peaceandlove.

    yay, PORTUGAL.
    i like this version, but demi, i’ll be always demi.

  • Anonymous

    yay portugal!

  • Maria

    Oh my god :O
    I love love love Mia Rose, she’s so talented and beautiful. She sings very well.
    And I’m portuguese too :D

  • cfabuowzc

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  • mellybellyx3

    my whole familys portuguese,
    me and my siblings and cousins were born in the usa though.
    mia rose is an amazing singer! xD

  • iloveyouux

    Ugh. Who cares?

  • iloveyouux


  • Anonymous

    who sings the original version anyway?

  • Mónica

    The girl is Mia Rose.
    She’s portuguese and kinda English too. :)

    Her career started on youtube, you can check her videos on miaarose channel :)

    I love this version, not only cause I’m portuguese, but because her voice and Joe’s together are so beautiful *-*

  • Anonymous

    i care.

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome!! Im 50% Portuguese =)

  • yelyah

    i kinda like it..

  • Ellie

    Is it bad that I really like this one too. :’|

  • Ellie

    Is it bad that i kinda like this one better. The girl and joe just really mix. :’|